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Further Northern news. From our Northern files, of the 2d instant, we continue our extracts of current news: The New York world on Lincoln's proclamation. The New York World has a long article on Lincoln's emancipation proclamation. It says that he has "swing loose from the constitutional of his inaugural address and his messages at the opening of the two successive sessions of Congress under his administration, and is fully adrift on the current of radical fanaticism." From the o the many fragmentary and conflicting divisions and districts into which our forces in that region have been broken up since the withdrawal of Major Gen. Halleck from the West. Not prepared for New Levies. The New York Herald, of the 2d instant, has the following paragraph: Considerable complaint comes from the new regiments in the field that the Government is unable to supply them with tents, and much sickness is produced in consequence. The 35th Massachusetts which left
Ranaway. --From the subscriber, on the 2d instant, a negro boy, Robert. Said negro is a dark mulatto, about 21 years of age, speaks rather abruptly, and walks with one shoulder depressed. He had on when he left a blue flannel shirt. He may attempt to make his way to Williamsburg. Twenty dollars reward will be paid for his delivery to me in Hanover county, or in a Richmond jail, so that I get him. A. B. Curtis, Adm'r Of H. Curtis, dec'd. Hanover co., Oct. 6th. oc 7--6t*
Runaways. --The following slaves ran away from the Piedmont Railroad, at Danville, on the 3rd inst.: Henry; black, about 35 years old, has several whip marks — was recently bought of John King, of North Carolina. Spencer — hired of David Hotly, Chowan county, North Carolina. Joe and Tom — hired of Mr. Roberts, Gates county, North Carolina. A reward of $25 will be paid for Henry if taken within the State, or $50 if taken in another State, and the legal reward for the hirelings upon delivery to me at Danville. E. D. Wilburn; Sup't first section Piedmont R. R., se 8--ts Danville,
From Florida — the Yankees at Jacksonville. Augusta, Oct. 6. --The Savannah papers of this morning contain a dispatch from Baldwin, Fla., dated 4th inst., stating that the Confederates evacuated their batteries near Jacksonville on the approach of the Yankees. Two, gunboats came up to the city--one returned down the river. None of the enemy had landed at Jacksonville up to 8 o'clock Saturday morning.
Latest from the North. Northern papers of the 4th instant arrived by the flag of truce boat yesterday. They contain little of interest. From the West we learn that a fight had occurred near Louisville, in which the Federal claim to have captured several hundred prisoners. Buell was still at Louisville. There is nothing of importance from McClellan's army.
The Guerrilla is the title of a neat little paper, the first number of which was issued in Charleston, Kanawha county, Virginia, on the 27th ult.
January 1st (search for this): article 1
shall find this extraordinary proclamation indefensible even on the principles of that act. That law does not act on the gross population of areas of country, but on individual persons. The forfeitures it denounces are confined to persons in rebellion against the Government. What can be more preposterous, or a more monstrous perversion of justice, then to make the guilt of an depend on whether the States in which he happened to be born shall have representatives in Congress on the first day of January? It would be sufficiently monstrous to make a man's right to his property depend on his own exercise of the elective franchise. Never was there so degrading a entire on republican institutions as the voting required by President Lincoln. But when a man's property is made to dependant on whether he chooses to vote himself, but on whether his fellow-citizens choose to vote, and whether the number voting under this executive happens to be a majority, we are lost in astonishment that
April 30th (search for this): article 1
field, to the end in restoring the Union, a sense of duty to my State and conscience impels me to forego that pleasure, and ask that I may be relieved from the command of the 12th Reg't Ky. Vols. at as early a date as possible. Very respectfully, your obd't servant. W. A. Hoskins, Col. Comd'g 12th Reg't Ky. Vols. I certify that I am not indebted to the Government anything — that I have no Government property in my possession with the exception of a Walltent, and was last paid to the 30th of April inclusive. W. a. Hoskins. Col. Com. 12th Reg. Ky. Vols., U. S. A. We find on the back of the resignation the following endorsement of Gen. Thomas: Hdqrs, 1st Div., Dist. Ohio,Decherd, Tenn., Aug. 1, 1862. Respectfully forwarded. The above officer has been placed under arrest and ordered to report to Maj. Gen. Buell, commanding army of the Ohio. Geo. H. Thomas, Maj. Gen. U. S. A., comm'g 1st Div. Hdq'rs 1st Brigade. Aug. 6th, 1862. Col. W. A. Huskins: Sir:
June 24th (search for this): article 9
Twenty-five dollars reward. --I will pay $25 upon delivery to me of my servant, Catharine, who ran away on the 24th of June last, aged 15 years, five feet five inches high, brown complexion, has a scar three inches long on one of her elbows. She has been seen lately in this city. se 25--1m* Hugh Hagan.
June 29th (search for this): article 2
Washington correspondence of the St. Louis Republican, cannot fail to interest our readers: The country must by this time fully realize the situation in this quarter, and the knowledge of the radical changes which have so suddenly taken place cannot but administer a heavy shock to the public pulse. A little more than two short months ago we were besieging the capital of the rebels with our best army, under our best Generals; now the enemy have again invested Washington. On the 29th of June, Jackson turned McClellan's right, and forced him back from the suburbs of Richmond, in seven days of bloody battles; on the 20th of August he turns Pope's right, and in five days fighting hurls him on the fortifications of Washington. Thus. in two short months, the tide of battle has rolled backward one hundred and sixty-miles, and the position of the combatants completely reversed. The operations of "Stonewall Jackson"--for he does the fighting — has no parallel in modern histo
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