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The Williamsburg affair. From a letter written by an officer of General Wise's command to a gentleman in this city, under date of the 13th, we have some information with reference to affairs at Williamsburg. The letter states that the enemy had surrendered the possession of the town to our forces, and that we have troops there. The citizens of the place were moving out rapidly, perhaps in anticipation of further fighting and were receiving the protection of our forces. The officers of tion of our forces. The officers of the Insane Asylum have appealed to Gen. Wise for protection, which was accorded. A considerable number of conscripts and contrabands were captured by our men. The loyal people of that section have saved a large amount of forage, which was being hauled away as rapidly as the means of transportation would allow. There was, also, some bacon and salt secured. Our forces were greeted by the people of the ancient town with marked manifestations of delight.