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The elegant and Comfortable for Yankee envy. We gave some pictures of Southern homes from a Yankee letter writer in our paper of yesterday — of the homes that the Yankees are revelling in and desolating. The reader will remember that one of the extracts spoke of "the princely mansion of Mr. James, with its colonnades and cupola," visible from the place from which he wrote, on the bank of the Mississippi. Such a mansion could not long survive Yankee envy and malignity when once in Yankee power. We now learn that since the date of the letter from which we made the extracts that splendid private dwelling has been destroyed — reduced to a heap of ashes — by the hands of the enemy. Worse than this, the generous owner and his wife have been taken prisoners and marched to the place of their inceration with manacles upon their arms! There they are confined in separate apartments, and no doubt treated with a brutality in keeping with the general conduct of the inhuman foe. What has <