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Orange Court House (Virginia, United States) (search for this): article 4
Regimental sutlers. Camp Near Orange C. H., Va. To the Editor of the Dispatch: While there has been a general call for assistance to drive our common foe from our soil, and an order issued to put in the ranks all quartermaster and commissary clerks, regimental surgeon clerks, &c., is there no law to reach sutlers belonging to the various regiments in the army of Northern Virginia? These places can and ought to be filled by soldiers who have been discharged from wounds received upon the battle field, or by persons exempted from military service by age, and who perhaps have sons in the field enduring the hardships of a camp life. Now these places are filled by young men taken out of their regiments, much to the dissatisfaction of the companies from which they are taken. Satlers could be dispensed with in this brigade freely; but if necessary their places could be supplied with men disabled to do duty. While the poor soldier is prohibited from going to such places as h