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Bragg 7 1 Browse Search
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Market prices. --The following prices prevailed at the Second Market Saturday morning for the articles enumerated:--Green corn $1.50 per dozen, black eye peas 50 cents per quart, butter beans $1 per quart, sweet potatoes $1.50 per quart, Irish do. 50c per quart, cabbage 50ca$4.50 per head, tomatoes 25a75c per dozen, egg plant 75a$1.25 apiece, snaps 75ca$1 per quart, beets 50c per bunch of six or eight, okra 50c per quart, pumpkins $1.50a2.50 apiece, watermelons 75ca$5, muskmelons 25ca$1.25 apiece, grapes 50c per bunch of about half a pint, chickens from $1 to $3 apiece, ducks $5 per pair, beef $1.25 per pound, veal $1.25, lamb $1a1.25, mutton $1a1.25, smoked sausage $1.25, beef tallow $2 per pound, common bacon two dollars and a half per pound, (an abominable extortion,) shoat $1.50 per pound, salt shad $3a3.75 apiece, salt herrings (none good in market) $3a3.50 per dozen, soap (country) $1a1.25. The market was well supplies, but, as the above prices will show, everything was v