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Charlie W. Grant 54 0 Browse Search
Hunter 32 4 Browse Search
J. C. Butler 29 1 Browse Search
Gen Grant 26 0 Browse Search
Fitzhugh Lee 26 0 Browse Search
Crook 14 0 Browse Search
G. C. Hutter 13 1 Browse Search
William Smith 11 1 Browse Search
Dinwiddie Court House (Virginia, United States) 10 0 Browse Search
Sheridan 10 0 Browse Search
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William Smith (search for this): article 8
The Virginia Military Institute. --Gen. Smith, of the Institute, informs the Lynchburg Virginian, that all the apparatus, books, maps, &c, belonging to the Institute, were saved, whilst a new supply of books is now at Wilmington, having run the blockade. The walls of the Institute are not much injured, and the buildings can be easily restored.