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Georgia (Georgia, United States) 12 0 Browse Search
Gen Lee 12 0 Browse Search
Stewart 11 3 Browse Search
A. Iverson 10 0 Browse Search
Sanders 10 0 Browse Search
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Lightfoot Taylor (search for this): article 10
A Romantic marriage. To the Editor of the Dispatch: As an interesting incident of the war, I desire to give to the public, through the Dispatch, the following: Mr. P--, of Williamsburg, recently wood and won a fair lady, Miss. M.--,of the same place. But one thing was wanting to perfect the marriage, viz: a person, there not being one now in the ancient city. Mr. P — determined not to be thwarted. He communicated with person Lightfoot Taylor, who lives six miles above Williamsburg, to meet him at the lines on a certain day for the purpose. The day arrived. The bridegroom and the bride annoyed themselves in their best attire and marched out with a bodyguard of Yankees to meet the person; and there, under a large tree, known as "Bright's Oak," surrounded by Yankee bayonets, the ceremony was performed, and I — became a happy man. Long may be wave. B