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Hatcher 12 0 Browse Search
William H. Seward 9 1 Browse Search
Pegram 8 4 Browse Search
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R. E. Lee (search for this): article 2
in legislation or in action. We want the Jackson practicalness in every department of affairs. We want our resources of men and means efficiently developed and carefully economized. We want the right men everywhere in the right place, from General Lee down to a Corporal.--We want the best military talent in the land at the head of all our armies. We want, in short, to live on this planet; and we cannot do it unless these essential requisites are had. It has become a question of life and dour strength so handled and applied that it will tell. We trust the Congress of the Confederate States will come down from the "high sentimental latitudes" on the African question, and permit itself to be guided by the sagacious, practical genius of General Lee. The President has placed the supreme military command in his hands, but, in order to give effect to that action, the Congress must place at his disposal all such means as he requires.--And whatever is done, must be done quickly.