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Stephen D. Lee (search for this): article 1
ry as ours to supply our armies and our people, if those at home will devote their whole energies to the task. A vast portion of our land, once employed in the production of cotton, tobacco and other exports, is now devoted almost exclusively to the raising of breads. stuffs, and, notwithstanding the devastation of raids, there will be more than enough, if the cultivators of the soil are diligent and Heaven blesses their labors, to feed themselves and half a dozen such armies as that of General Lee. No man should be detained from cultivation by the possibility of raids any more than by the possibility of rust and chinch bugs. It is the duty of the farmer, in the one case as in the other, to sow his seed and trust to God to give the increase. Let those who are exempt from the peril and privation of battle struggle to support those who are exposed to both. Whilst the soldiers are fighting against the bayonets of the enemy, let the farmers fight against the starvation tactics, whic