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Warren 298 44 Browse Search
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Crawford 181 1 Browse Search
Five Forks (Virginia, United States) 156 0 Browse Search
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July 7th, 1864 AD (search for this): chapter 6
corps in a mass, and even implies a positive disobedience of orders on his part in attacking with a division when ordered by Grant to attack with his whole corps. (Serial No. 67, pp. 64, 68.) Still the Fifth Corps got in enough to lose ten thousand six hundred and eighty-six men in the first two fights. (Dana's report, War Records, Serial 64, p. 71.) Even more light is turned on. For no despatch of Dana's concerning Warren compares in severity with Dana's to the Secretary of War, July 7, 1864, denouncing General Meade, and advising that he be removed from the command of the army. (Serial No. 80, p. 35.) It now appears that Warren was in great disfavor with Meade also, after arriving before Petersburg. Meade called upon Warren to ask to be relieved from command of his corps on the alternative that charges would be preferred against him. (Dana's despatch, June 20, 1864, War Records, Serial No. 80, p. 26.) Meade was much displeased, too, with Warren for his characteristi
March 31st (search for this): chapter 6
ntedly severe, and that all of us would have to help make up for that day's damage. This was in a despatch sent by Grant to Sheridan at about 2 P. M. on the 31st of March, just as I was advancing, after Ayres' repulse. This read: Warren's and Miles' Divisions are now advancing. I hope your cavalry is up where it will be of assWe had a habit, perhaps, drawn from dire experience, and, for which we had also Grant's quite recent sanction, The order to entrench on the White Oak Road, March 31st. See War Papers, vol. i., p. 235. when we had carried a vital point or had to hold one, to entrench. But Sheridan does not entrench. He pushes on, carrying the Southside Road at Sutherland's the day before. The right of the enemy's entrenchments on the Claiborne Road after they were driven in on the afternoon of March 31st was by no means strongly held. Testimony of General Hunton, Warren Court Records, p. 629. Indeed, the very first thing we did the next morning after Five Forks
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