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January 1st, 1892 AD (search for this): entry elective-franchise
two and a half years; must have resided in State six months, town or county twenty days; Indians, duellists, and accessories excluded. Minnesota Citizen or alien who has declared intention and civilized Indians; must have resided in United States one year prior to election, State four months, town or precinct ten days; persons convicted of treason or felony unless pardoned, under guardianship or insane excluded. Mississippi Citizen who can read or understand constitution after Jan. 1, 1892; must have resided in State two years, town or precinct one year (except clergymen, who are qualified after six months in precinct) ; insane, idiots, Indians not taxed, felons, persons who have not paid taxes excluded. Missouri Citizen or alien who has declared intention not less than one year nor more than five before offering to vote; must have resided in State one year, town sixty days; United States soldiers and marines, paupers, criminals convicted once until pardoned, felons a
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