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December 16th, 1662 AD (search for this): chapter 26
an action of the case for witholding their interest in a parcel of land formerly in the possession of Web Cowitt and Squa Sachem with due damages, etc. Upon trial the jury brought in their verdict for the plaintiff an interest in and to three parts of the land in controversie on the west side of mistike ponds and the other part thereof to the defendant as land belonging to Jotham Gibbons and for the defendant costs six shillings and two pence. At the County Court held in Charlestowne Dec. 16, 1662, Thomas Gleison as plaintiff brought action against Capt. Francis Norton and Mr. Nicholas Davison in an action of review of judgment granted against him as above. But the verdict was against the plaintiff, affirming the former decision. The plaintiff appealed to the Court of Assistants. It may be noted that in the writ in this case we get the name spelled Gleison. Data secured by W. H. Gleason See County Court Records, Vol. 1, page 245: The attachment was dated March 24, serv
be the deed of Squa Sachem and Web-Cowites, and the marks and seals thereunto affixed to be their marks & seals and have manifested and explained the bounds of the said grant or deed to be distinct from the land which was given to the Governor Mr Nowell Mr Wilson and Capt. Gibones, Benedict Arnold being interpreter, and that they did not sell it to Charlestowne In the presence of us Jno. Winthrop Governr Jno. Endecott Dept. Govr. Richard Saltonstall Thomas Flint Recorded 3 (6) 1643 by William Aspinwall Recorder Entred & Recorded 23 (8)1656 by Thomas Danforth Recorder. The Major Gibbons farm or the Squa Sachem's reservation was a tract of about five hundred acres 480 per Plan. on the west shore of Mystic ponds, reaching along the shore of both ponds, from the stream Sucker brook. that runs into the pond from the old Fowle and grain mills, north to the point just above the upper pond where the Middlesex canal formerly crossed to the long point (now a part of
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