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Seth Sweetser 32 4 Browse Search
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July 29th, 1786 AD (search for this): chapter 11
brook, who also succeeded to the worthy position of town clerk. Like his predecessors, he received the annual compensation of £ 10 for this office. He must have served in both capacities for a period of nearly five years, but Wyman omits all mention of him. We have consulted the printed genealogy of the Holbrook family, but are unable to place him. His salary of £ 100 as schoolmaster was soon increased to £ 110. The town seems to have been behindhand in paying him for his services, but July 29, 1786, he received an order from the town treasurer for the balance due him to the twenty-fifth, being an amount nearly equal to two years salary. March 5, 1787, Mr. Holbrook retires as town clerk, and is given a vote of thanks. The next May we find Samuel Payson serving as town clerk and schoolmaster, with the usual compensation for both. His term of office extended well into the next decade. The annual appropriations, over and above the school funds, for all expenses, both within and w
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