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March 17th (search for this): chapter 10
near Rhea's Mills again two loyal Arkansas regiments organized after a battle the people show on which side their sympathies are by their expressions the people of a less haughty spirit than in Missouri Reconnoissance returned from Dutch Mills women and children raise their own foodstuffs the soldiers exchange their surplus rations for butter, eggs, &c the army ration a party of Union men arrive from Texas they were hunted by the enemy with blood hounds. On the morning of the 17th of March we struck tents, left Bentonville, and marched fifteen miles southwest to Big Springs, at the head of Flint Creek. This is a more desirable section than around Bentonville. The spring here is one of the finest in Northwestern Arkansas, and furnishes an abundance of excellent water for ourselves and animals. It arises out of the earth almost like a fountain, and runs off in a strong, swift current. This would be a delightful spot for a village, for, at a small cost the water from th
w months, or until the facts are reported to the War Department that there are no men enlisted for the Fourth and Fifth Indian regiments, all the same as if they were fighting, skirmishing and marching every day. The Indian division left Big Springs or Camp Moonlight on the morning of the 24th, and marched to Illinois River twelve miles south. This brings us within ten or twelve miles of Rhea's Mills, where the Army of the Frontier, under General Blunt, was encamped during the month of December. Colonel Phillips has named our camp here Camp Pomeroy, in honor of Senator Pomeroy, of Kansas. Should a Post office be established at this place after the war, it will probably take the name of our present camp. On this river there are some fine tracts of land, and the farmer is no doubt well rewarded for his labor. The opening of spring, and the fact that our army was all over this section last fall and the early winter, will make it difficult to obtain forage, except in very sm
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