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February 14th, 1862 AD (search for this): article 5
nd, therefore, an act which would put its perpetrators outside the pale of civilization, and entitle neutrals to deal with them not merely as enemies but as pirates. Privateers as men-of-war.[correspondence of the London Times.] Paris, Feb. 14, 1862. The Federal men-of-war, five or six in number, whose ineffectual cruise in search of the Sumter your readers are acquainted with, have found an ally in the Havre papers, and, prok puder! in the Journel des Debats. The apologist of the sntagonists proves that the States to which they belong have fully earned the right to be considered as belligerents. Can as much be said of their enemies? Departure of Americans from Paris.[correspondence of the London Herald.] Paris, Feb. 14, 1862. The American exodus still continues. The tomorrow return to the States, and the wealthy, who are not afraid their fortunes, will greatly suffer by home events, take contrary route to Rome. A piece of news last night was transmitted to
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