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J. A. Cosby (search for this): chapter 1.65
ost Worshipful J. P. Fitzgerald, Grand Master; Right Worshipful A. R. Courtney, Deputy Grand Master; Right Worshipful, R. T. W. Duke, Jr., Grand Senior Warden; Right Worshipful George W. Wright, Grand Junior Warden; Right Worshipful Frederick Pleasants, Grand Treasurer; Right Worshipful George W. Carrington, Grand Secretary; Right Worshipful H. O. Kerns, Grand Senior Deacon; Right Worshipful Edward N. Eubank, Grand Junior Deacon; Right Worshipful George H. Ray, Grand Chaplain; Wor shipful J. A. Cosby, Grand Pursivant; Brother W. C. Wilkinson, Grand Tiler; Brother William Krause, Grand Steward. The Masonic marshals were: Most Worshipful William B. Taliaferro, P. G. M., Grand Marshal; Worshipful J. Thompson Brown, P. M., Assistant Grand Marshal; Right Worshipful William Gibson, Jr., D. D. G. M., Richmond, Va.; Worshipful Samuel W. Williams, P. M., Wytheville, Va.; Worshipful Julius Straus, P. M., Richmond, Va.; Worshipful Thomas S. Taliaferro, P. M., Gloucester county, Va.; Brother G
John C. Walker (search for this): chapter 1.65
at Front Royal, 132; 1st Regiment, officers of, and roster of Company B, 187; 9th, raid of and capture of Federal prisoners, November, 1862, 213; James City, 353. Virginia Infantry, 7th, Roll of Company A, 361; roll of Company I, 115; 18th, record and roll of Company G, 37; 49th, roll of Company G, 171; 56th, roll and movements of Company I, 210; 61st, record and roster of Company I, Rebel Grays, 98, 104. Virginia Legislature, Federal permission for it to convene in 1865, 352. Walker, John C., 41. Wallace, General W. H. L., 131. Waller, Major, Thomas, 214. Walthall, General E. C., 67. Weeks, Ph. D., Stephen B., 1. Weitzel, General, Godfrey, at Richmond in 1865, 352. Wheeler, General, Joseph, Sketch of, 19. Whiting, General W. H. C.,A plea for, 274. Wilderness, Battle of, 89, 109; casualties in, 139. Williamsburg, Va., The wounded at, on May 6, 1862, 172. Williams, Adjutant R. L., 219. Wilson, Colonel Samuel M., 97. Winchester, Va., monument to the C
J. B. Magruder (search for this): chapter 1.65
, 73. Lee to the rear, Accounts of the incident, 79. Lee, General Stephen D., 111; Oration by, at the laying of the corner-stone of the Jefferson Davis Monument, 366. Lee, Colonel, of the 37th North Carolina Regiment, killed, 329. Lewis, Richard, Sketch of, 223. Lewis, Major, R. Bird, 217. Louisianians, Patriotism of; 43. McAlpine, Major Charles R., 98. McAlpine, Newton, 98. McClellan, General, Geo. B., 295. McClellan, Major H. B., 216. McCreery, John Van Law, 110. Magruder, General John B., 43. Manassas, Battle of, 330 Marshall, Colonel, James, killed, 186. Maple Leaf, Capture of the Federal Steamer, 165. Mayer, R. B., 59. Mayo, Colonel Robert M., 184. Mechanicsville, Battle of, 329. Meredith, Jaquelin Marshall, 187. Mexican War, The, 59. Miller, H. J., 171. Mine Run, Battle of, 101, 336. Minor, Lieutenant Robert D., 91. Mission Ridge, Battle of, 95. Monroe, General Thomas B., 58. Morgan, General, John, Famous Raid of, 194.
R. L. T. Beale (search for this): chapter 1.65
son), 61; General John, 57; Margaret L., 57; Captain Wm. F, 249. Adkins, Captain, Sim, 205. Ainsworth, colonel F. C.. 119. Alabama, What she did, 249. Allen, Governor Henry W., 43. Allen, Colonel James H., 357. Anderson, General, Patton, Autobiography of, 57; his several commands, 71; his reluctance to surrender, 72; Wm Preston, 57. Antietam, Casualties in Battle of, 143. Bantz, Captain T. J., 248. Barrett, Colonel Theodore H., 309. Barth, Captain J. C., 233. Beale, Colonel R. L. T., 213. Beaver Dam Creek, Battle of, 142. Bell, Ann or Nancy, 57. Berkeley, Major W. N., 87. Black Horse Troop, Officers and gallant record of, 218. Blair, Francis P., 53. Blockade Running, 36; Exploits at Charleston, surviving commanders, 157, 225; narrative of James Sprunt; names of vessels and commanders, 161, 227, 228; flush times of, 229. Bonneau, Captain F. N., 225. Boynton, General H. V., 94. Bragg, General, Braxton, 92. Breckenridge, General J. C. Bitter feel
John H. Reagan (search for this): chapter 1.65
characteristic of Mr. Davis was his fidelity to principle. It was well said of him, He bent to none but God. He came among us as a Roman born out of time. It was impossible for him to ask pardon, so long as he felt he had done his duty conscientiously as he saw it, and he was never forgiven. One after another his great comrades entered the Beyond until he stood alone, but he never wavered. He passed from us a stern and majestic figure, broken, but never bent. In official life, said Senator Reagan, his Postmaster-General, he knew no word but duty. A young man and an ambitious soldier, he refused President Polk's offer of a brigadier-generalship, because he thought the appointment exceeded the president's constitutional power. He answered thus the solicitations of friends to send a force of men to protect his plantation and property in danger of seizure, The President of the Confederacy cannot afford to use public means to protect private interests. His aide, Governor Lubbock
W. R. Terry (search for this): chapter 1.65
sick 'em, 197. Southern struggle began with Constitutional Conventions, 369. Spotsylvania C. H., Battle of, 80, 101, 266; casualties in, 139. Stone, Captain A. O., 225. Storr's Farm, Battle of, 337. Sumter, Who fired the first gun at Fort, 111. Taliaferro, Charles C., Sketch of, 224. Taylor, Major Matthew L., 237. Taylor, General, Richard, Surrender of; the forces of, 47. Taylor, Major, Thomas, 9th Virginia Cavalry, 215. Taylor, Colonel Walter H., 73, 267. Terry, General W. R., 87. Texas, Reconstruction in, 4; its fidelity to the Confederacy, 43; its aid to the Confederacy in supplies, 44; officers who went to Mexico, 53. Thomas alias Zarvona. Colonel, 88. Thompson, Major J. W., a martyr, 249, 274. Tobacco Cure, Clingman's, 307. Torpedoes, War history of, 284. University of North Carolina in the Civil War, 1; Alumni of, in public life, and the Convention of 1861, 3, 4, 7; in Confederate Executive service, 9; in military service, 10; in batt
Albert Reynolds (search for this): chapter 1.65
ew, General J., 16, 260. Pickett, General George E., Appointment of to West Point; his characteristics, 151. Pickett, Mrs. La Salle Corbeil, 154. Polk, General, Leonidas, 130. Pope, Movements in the war of General John, 353. Pouncing on pickets, 213. Powell, C. H., 359. Randall, James R., 277 Rawlins, General John A., 154. Ray, Rev. George H., 365. Reams' Station, Battle of, 103, 337. Rebels, benefactors of the world, 368. Reconstruction in Texas. 41. Reynolds, Captain, Albert, 205 Richardson Guards, Madison county, Company A, 7th Virginia Infantry, Roll of, 361. Richardson, General William H., 363. Riddell, Dr. Thomas J., 323. Roane, Lieutenant, killed, 207. Roanoke Grays, Muster-roll and casualties of, 291. Roller, A. H., 294. Ruggles, General, Daniel, 66. Ruffin, Edmond, 111. Ruffin, Julian M., 111. Sailor's Creek, Battle of, 83, 250. St Nicholas, Capture of the Federal steamer, 88. Salem Church, Action at. 100. Savannah
Joseph E. Johnston (search for this): chapter 1.65
age in American history; and will show what the Anglo-Saxon race can and will do under a republican form of government in defence of a constitutional principle. As President Mr. Davis may have made mistakes. He was a constitutional ruler, not a revolutionary chief. He could not work miracles. He summoned to his council the genius of a Benjamin, the profundity of Hunter, the intellect of Toombs. He placed at the head of his troops Lee, Jackson, Albert Sidney Johnston, Beauregard, Joseph E. Johnston, and other leaders, not surpassed in any army since the marshals of the Empire. And when the night of defeat was darkening, and the dismantled ship of the Confederacy was sinking beneath the waters, he stood at the helm to the last. There is something indescribably pathetic in the sight, when a brave and gallant people stake everything upon the cast of battle, fight their armies to exhaustion, and almost to annihilation, in defending their homes and firesides against invading enemie
J. W. Green (search for this): chapter 1.65
, 100; Heth's Brigade at, 264; Jenkins' Cavalry Brigade at, 339. Goldsmith, Colonel W I., 79. Goochland Light Artillery, Captain John H. Guy, in the Western Campaign, 316. Goochland Light Dragoons, Organization and service of, 359. Gordon, General, James, 280. Gordon, General John B., 80. Granberry, Bishop John C., 365. Grant's Campaign in 1864, 139; his forces in, 177; censor, warned him to stop drinking, 154; on to Richmond, 81. Gravel Hill, Battle of, 337. Green, Colonel J. W., 166. Gurley House, Battle of, 102. Hampton Roads Conference, 33. Hampton, Strategy of General Wade, 278. Harrison, James P., 111 Hatcher's Run Battle of, 103. Helena, Ark., Attack on, July 4, 1863, 197. Hindman, General T C., placed under arrest, 69. Hobday, Captain, John, Gallantry of, 102; killed, 103. Holcombe Guards (Company I, 7th Virginia Infantry), Roll of the, 115. Hollins. Commodore George N., 88. Howitzers, The Richmond, at Harper's Ferry in 1859,
N. B. Forrest (search for this): chapter 1.65
John C., 138 Duel of Clingman and W. L. Yancey, 304. Duke, Colonel Basil, 194. Early, General Jubal A.; an unrepentant rebel, 176; disparity between his and Sheridan's forces, 179. Ellyson, Hon., J. Taylor, 365. Essex Sharpshooters at Chancellorsville, 206. Fayetteville Arsenal; its history, and that of the 6th N. C. Battalion, Armory Guards, with roster, 231. Flag, History and description of the Confederate, 117. Flournoy, Colonel T. S., 133. Ford, Captain N. P., 284. Forrest. Dispatch of General N. B., to General L. Polk, 92. Forts; Curtis, 197. Donelson, 197, 317. Fisher, 276, Henry, 198. Morris' Island, 228. Sumter, 14, 228. Franklin, Tenn., Carnage at battle of, 189. Frazier's Farm, Battle of, 102. Fredericksburg, Battle of, 99. Front Royal, May 23, 1862, Battle of, 131. Funkhouser, Captain R. D., 80. Fussell's Mill, Battle of, 337. G, Company, 49th Virginia Infantry, Roll of, 171. Gardner, General, Frank. 67 Gettysburg, Battle o
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