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irst Lieutenant, 14th Infantry, May 14, 1861. Captain, Oct. 24, 1861. Resigned, May 6, 1865. First Lieutenant, 41st U. S. Infantry, Mar. 7, 1867. Died at New Orleans, La., Sept. 20, 1867. Ingraham, Timothy. See General Officers. Jackson, Nathaniel James. See General Officers. Jacobs, George Philo. Born in Massachusetts. Captain, Commissary of Subsistence, U. S. Volunteers, Feb. 19, 1863. Brevet Major, U. S. Volunteers, July 12, 1865. Mustered out, July 14, 1865. James, Horace. Born in Massachusetts. Chaplain, 25th Mass. Infantry, Oct. 28, 1861. Captain, Assistant Quartermaster, U. S. Volunteers, Feb. 18, 1864. Mustered out, Jan. 8, 1866. Jameson, William H. Born in Maine. Appointed from Massachusetts. Major, Additional Paymaster, U. S. Volunteers, Nov. 26, 1862. Brevet Lieut. Colonel, U. S. Volunteers, Mar. 13, 1865. Mustered out, July 20, 1866. Jenkins, Horatio, Jr. See General Officers. Jenney, William Lebaron. Born at Fairhaven,
ee U. S. Army. Rich, Joseph S. Born in Massachusetts. Quartermaster Sergeant, 5th Iowa Cavalry, Nov 13, 1862. Second Lieutenant, Apr. 5, 1864; mustered, Apr. 18, 1864. First Lieutenant, July 14, 1864; mustered, Aug. 19, 1864. Resigned, Jan. 10, 1865. Richardson, Edward Francis. Born at East Medway, Mass. Private, 3d N. Y. Light Artillery, Sept. 9, 1862. First Lieutenant, 16th N. Y. Heavy Artillery, Oct. 21, 1863. Adjutant, Feb. 2, 1864. Discharged, Mar. 1, 1864. Richardson, James (or John) A. Born in Massachusetts. Second Lieutenant, 2d N. Y. Cavalry, Aug. 24, 1863, to rank, June 16, 1863. Discharged, Mar. 24, 1865. (The Official Army Register gives the name of James, and the A. G. Report (N. Y.), for 1866, as John.) Ricker, Charles W. Sergeant, 26th Mass. Infantry, Sept. 6, 1861. First Lieutenant, 2d La. Infantry, Nov. 14, 1862. Resigned, June 11, 1864. Ripley, Lyman Baldwin. Born at Framingham, Mass., Apr. 4, 1836. First Lieutenant, Regimental Qua
G. O. 71, Aug. 31, 1866. Barnes, Brig. General James, U. S. Volunteers, to be Maj. General, G. O. 65, June 22, 1867. Cunningham, Major James A., of the 32d Mass. Volunteers, to be Lieu2, 1865. G. O. 65, June 22, 1867. — Brevet Colonel James A., U. S. Volunteers, and late Lieut. C. G. O. 89, Sept. 26, 1867. Doherty, Major James, of the 57th Mass. Volunteers, to be Lieut.5. G. O. 65, June 22, 1867. Francis, Major James, of the 2d Mass. Infantry, to be Lieut. Col O. 97, May 26, 1865. McQuillan, First Lieutenant James, of the 29th Mass. Infantry, to be Cap O. 71, Aug. 31, 1866. Marshall, First Lieutenant James H., of the 57th Mass. Infantry, to be G. O. 65, June 22, 1867. Richardson, Major James M., of the 3d Mass. Heavy Artillery, to be r. 2, 1865. G. O. 65, June 22, 1867. — Captain James B., of the 36th Mass. Infantry, to be Majo 1865. G. O. 91, Oct. 9, 1867. Thurber, James D., late Captain of the 55th Mass. Infantry, t[6 more...]<
8°. 22d Regiment. Parker, J. L., and others. Henry Wilson's regiment. History of the 22d Mass. Infantry, the 2d Company of Sharpshooters and the 3d Light Battery in the war of the rebellion. Boston, 1887. 8°. 23d Regiment. Emmerton, James A. A record of the 23d Regiment Mass. Volunteer Infantry in the war of the rebellion, 1861-65. Boston, 1886. 8°. 24th Regiment. Gen. Thomas Greely Stevenson. A biographical memoir. 12°. 25th Regiment. Day, D. L. My diary of rambles with Burnside's coast division 18th Army Corps. Milford, Mass., 1884. 8°. — Denny, J. Waldo. Wearing the blue in the 25th Mass. Volunteer Infantry. Worcester, 1879. — James, Horace, chaplain. Oration delivered in New Berne, N. C., before the 25th Regiment, July 4, 1862. Boston, 1862.. 30 pp. 8°. — Putnam, Samuel H. The story of Company A, 25th Regiment Mass. Volunteers, in the war of the rebellion. Worcester, 1886. 8°. — Narrative of Amos E. Stearns, Company A, 25th Mas
Capture of, April, May, 1863. Reports of Ad. Porter. Boston Evening Journal, May 9, 1863, p. 4, col. 4. Graham, col. James D., of Massachusetts Coast Defence; obituary and biographical notice. Army and Navy Journal, vol. 3, p. 317. Grangd at the ford, poem. Atlantic, vol. 17, p. 479. —The Cumberland, poem. Atlantic, vol. 10, p. 669. Longstreet, Gen. James, C. S. A. Fredericksburg. Century, vol. 32, p. 609. —Invasion of Maryland; with statistics. Century, vol. 32, p. ts events about Fort Fisher, Charleston and Mobile Bay. United Service Mag., vols. 6, p. 626; 7, p. 14. Magee, Maj. James. Account of expedition to Hermitage Landing, on the west bank of the Mississippi River, near Port Hudson, La., March 2, Fla., with account of destruction of a privateer. Boston Evening Journal, Sept. 30, 1861, p. 2, col. 3. Rice, Gen. James C. Obituary notice. Army and Navy Journal, vol. 1, p. 645. Rice, Geo. H., of Chelsea, Mass. Petition for his ex
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
Jackson, Albert, 301 Jackson, Andrew, 80 Jackson, C. A., 301 Jackson, C. S., 383 Jackson, E. P., 301 Jackson, G. E., 301 Jackson, H. W., 673 Jackson, Lothrop, 80 Jackson, Marcellus, 80 Jackson, N. J., 185, 424, 470, 535 Jackson, P. T., 583 Jackson, P. T., Jr., 301 Jackson, Susan M., 582 Jackson, W. H., 301 Jackson, W. T., 582 Jackson, William, 394 Jacobs, B. F., 80 Jacobs, G. P., 424, 535 Jacobson, F. D., 80 James, E. S., 572 James, G. W., 301 James, Henry, 80 James, Horace, 394, 424, 607 James, Lyman, 301 James, Robertson, 301, 535 Jameson, E. O., 605 Jameson, H. C., 490 Jameson, R. E., 384 Jameson, T. C., 470 Jameson, W. H., 424, 535 Janvrin, Edward, 80 Jaques, S. C., 80 Jarves, Deming, 301 Jarves, H. D., 218 Jarvis, Edward, 673 Jeffrey, J. H., 301 Jeffrey, W. H., 301 Jeffries, John, Jr., 1st Corps Cadets, 218 Jeffries, John, Jr., 583 Jellison, B. H., 499 Jenkins, G. N., 301 Jenkins, Horatio, Jr., 185, 218, 424, 535 Jenkins, Howa
f those about her. A sister of Miss Jacobs was the mother of Hon. Charles Sumner. The son, Horace James, was educated at Andover and Yale, became a clergyman and was settled at Wrentham, Worcester just as much for your sakes as my own; and still more, for the good it may do. In 1867 Rev. Horace James, having returned from the south, was able to carry out his father's dearest wish and assum was absorbed by Our Young Folks, the latter in turn was the forerunner of St. Nicholas. With Deacon James' abounding love for children, this publication must have interested him greatly. He cordiallHis intimate knowledge of the Bible made his services in this department very interesting. Deacon James' interest in temperance began with his early business life. It was the custom in the shipyaras many years before custom and popular opinion removed the rum barrel from the yard loft, but Mr. James used his influence against it until it was finally banished. In making contracts with joiners
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