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to cause Conventions similar to this to be held in each of said States, to meet on the day which may be fixed for the re-assembling of this Convention." Debated by Messrs. Slaughter and Summers. The amendment was defeated — yeas 49, nays 82. Mr. Flournoy, of Halifax, moved to amend Mr. Scott's amendment by inserting after the word "Constitution" (3d line) the words "presented by this Convention." Mr. Flournoy advocated his amendment, as making the report consistent throughout. Mr. Johnson, of Richmond, opposed it. The vote was taken, and it was defeated — yeas 56, nays 72. Mr. Marr, of Fauquier, moved that the Committee rise. Carried-- ayes 57, noes 55--So the Committee rose and reported progress. Mr. Scott's amendment, which occupied the attention of the Committee all day, has been thus far amended to read as follows: "And in the event that satisfactory responses on the part of the non-slaveholding States be not made to the proposed amendments to the Const
A Collision took place yesterday between Messrs. J. M. Danted and M. Johnson, without any serious consequences to either, owing to the prompt interference of bystanders. We believe the parties were afterwards held to bail not to renew the difficulty.
Passengers per Steamship Roanoke, Geo. W. Couch, master, from New York, Nov. 9th: C. B. Hunt, Isaac Dozier, D. Cramer, Thomas Morgan, Chas. Lynch, Geo. W. Emmons, L. J. Carland, Miss Gill, Miss Platt, Chas T. McKenzie, Geo. Burns, Jno. Ryder, Thos. Munston, D. K. Leach, W. H. Prime, Charles L. Prime, Mrs. Driscoll, M. Hess. W. H. Mulson, J. O. Sefts, Dr. G. W. Briggs, Allan Gilmore, M. Gilmore, John Dunlop, and 12 in steerage. Passengers per Steamship Jamestown, T. Skinner, master, from New York, Nov. 10th: J. Martin, M. Gayon, W B. Osborne, Mrs. Phelps, 2 children and servant, H. Raynard, Mrs. Ashe, 2 children and servant, Miss Emerson, J. Rowe. Mrs. Meem, Geo. Tennant, Wm. Tennant, C. S. Dawson, Miss Davis, M. George, Miss Johnson and child, M. Johnson. H. G. Rodman, Mrs. Nelson, Geo. Dickinson, Sam. Shelter, and 7 in steerage.
County Court --Randall Bennett and Wm Melton were examined before this Court yesterday, for the murder of James Page a free negro, and remanded for final trial before the Circuit Court. Bail was applied for and refused. The prisoners were defended by M. Johnson and A. R. Courtney Esqs. Patrick H. Huffman qualified yesterday as Deputy Sheriff of the county.
ic Asylums.--Mr. Claiborne. Agriculture and Commerce,--Mr. Thompson. Military Flairs.--Mr. August. Penitentiary.--Mr. Dickinson. Armory.--Mr. Carson. Executive Expenditures.--Mr. Neal. Library.--Mr. Rives. First Auditor's Office.--Mr. Neeson. Second Auditor's Office.--Mr. Marshall. Register's Office.--Mr. Marshall. Treasurer's Office.--Mr. Gatewood. Board of Public Works.--Mr. Christian. Public Printing.--Mr. Bruce. Enrolled Bills.--Mr. Thomas. Clerk's Office.--Mr. Johnson. State Convention.--The President announced the following committee, under Mr. Dickinson's resolution adopted yesterday: Messrs. Dickinson of P. E., Douglas, Brannon, Armstrong; Coghill, Neeson and French. Remonstrance Against Coercion.--The following joint resolution was offered by Mr. Critcher, and ordered to be printed: Resolved, by the General Assembly of Virginia, That a committee be appointed, consisting of two members of the Senate, and three of the House of Delegat
The Mysterious murder. --Timothy Callahan, charged with the murder of Michael Jones, a Texan soldier, on the 30th of June last, again appeared before the Mayor yesterday, in accordance with the conditions of his bail bond and the prisoner's counsel, M. Johnson, Esq. expressed his readiness to proceed with the investigation. The Mayor stated that he had issued the warrant for the arrest of Col. lahan upon evidence which seemed to justify it, but all his efforts to procure the attendance of witnesses, who were somewhere in the army, having proved ineffectual, he would no longer hold the prisoner under this warrant Callahan was thereupon discharged from custody, and the homicide remains as much involved in mystery as ever.
luded on Thursday night, in Judge Lyons's Court. The jury rendered a verdict of "guilty of murder in the second degree." and fixed the term of imprisonment in the penitentiary at five years. The prisoner's wife, who sat by his side when the verdict was announced, produced a painful scene in Court by shrieking and exhibiting other manifestations of extreme mental excitement. A motion for a new trial, on the ground that the verdict was contrary to the law and the evidence, was submitted by M. Johnson, Esq., one of the counsel for the defence, which was overruled by the Court yesterday morning, and the prisoner sentenced to five years confinement. To give an opportunity for an appeal to set aside judgment, the execution of the sentence was suspended for a period of forty days. The cases of Charles Smith, indicted for forgery, and Harvey Wash, for counterfeiting have been continued to next term, sundry cases in which they have already been convicted of similar offences being now be
ether the proprietor "smelt a mice" or not, we are unable to say; but the policemen found the place deserted. and nothing left to confiscate. On Saturday morning, Richard Copeland appeared at the Mayor's Court, accompanied by his counsel, M. Johnson, Esq., to answer a charge of keeping and exhibiting a game called faro-bank. There was no point of special interest in the testimony, except on occasional difference of opinion between the Mayor and Mr. Johnson touching the rules and regulatioMr. Johnson touching the rules and regulations of gambling houses; and the developments in regard to the unceremonious scampering of amateur sportsmen when the Philistines suddenly appeared in their midst — A good many new packs of "Sam Hart's squared linen playing cards," some sweat cloths, and other playthings were exhibited in Court as the plunder of the expedition. The Mayor, after hearing the testimony, remanded Copeland to be indicted under the gaming law, and admitted him to bail in the sum of $1,000 for his appearance on the 2d
terday proceeded to investigate the case of F. H. L. Allen, charged with permitting the game of faro bank to be exhibited on his premises, at the corner of Fourteenth and Franklin streets. Mr. Allen was present with his counsel, W. W. Crump and M. Johnson, Esqs. --Officer Morris testified that he, with other officers, went to the house on Friday night last about 12 o'clock, and ascended the steps as far as the second flight, when they saw a negro run up stairs and fasten the door after him. Theys were examined as to what they saw on the premises, and their statements mainly coincided with that of the previous witness. There was no game going on in the house, except that a party were playing whist on a round table in the lower room. Mr. Johnson conducted a close cross examination, which involved a pretty full description of a faro table, and the Mayor, to satisfy the counsel on this point, dispatched Officer Morris to the station-house to bring up all the apparatus taken from Mr. All
Varieties. --The engagement of Mr. Walter Keevel is proving very successful. The house is crowded every night with an enthusiastic audience. The play of "The Stranger" has seldom, if ever, been better rendered in Richmond than it was on Wednesday night. We take pleasure in saying that Miss M. Johnson, Mrs. Jennie Powell, Miss Jessie Clarke, and Mrs. De Barr, have succeeded admirably in their endeavors to please the public. In giving utterance to the above we are not to be understood as asserting that some styles of acting indulged in by the performers at the Varieties could not be improved, with decided advantage to the public and the performers themselves. While Mr. Morton (an exceedingly clever actor) does very well all the time, it is not to be denied that Mr. Ogden, who is the light comedy and general utility man of the corps dramatique at the establishment, very often, in his great anxiety to excite the risibilities of his audience, sadly overdoes his part, by lugg
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