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Doc. 132.-Colonel Gallup's expedition into Western Virginia. camp Louisa, Lawrence Co., Ky., Feb. 20, 1864. On the twelfth instant our District Commander, Colonel Gallup, with his usual sympathy for suffering Unionists, sent a scout over into Western Virginia to rid the citizens of the unscrupulous Colonel Ferguson, who, with his plundering band, had pillaged the country until even the women and children were brought to starvation. This impudent rebel, knowing that Virginia was not in this district, and therefore not under the protection of our gallant Colonel, sent him word that he would quarter there until March, but would not molest our troops provided we would let him alone. Colonel Gallup treated the message with that silent contempt it deserved. His silence was taken for acquiescence by the other party. So the wily old fox was allowed to play around until he met with an unpleasant surprise in the capture of himself and command. This happened in the following mann
d against them, was no easy task, and they soon found it to be so, to their sorrow. A wounded lieutenant-colonel said to me yesterday: Our plans were well laid, our men fought bravely, but you out-generaled us in every move. We ought to have whipped Gen. Herron easy before Gen. Blunt came up, but we failed in all our calculations. The Iowa regiments engaged, and more especially the Nineteenth, has added largely to the enviable reputation of our Iowa soldiers. The three companies from Louisa and Henry suffered perhaps more than any others. They fought like tigers anti fell like soldiers, making two villains bite the dust for each one of them that fell. In fact, there was no faltering upon the field; all fought nobly and won a glorious victory over a force outnumbering them two to one. I have not fully ascertained our loss in killed and wounded; you will get the official report long before this will reach you. The enemy's loss will never be known by us, their ambulances an
hipJames PerkinsGeorge Fuller'sGeorge FullerStephen GloverBoston370 1381828ShipBostonT. Magoun'sT. MagounLiverpool Packet Co.Boston428 139 ShipLiverpoolT. Magoun'sT. MagounLiverpool Packet Co.Boston429 1/2 140 ShipColiseumT. Magoun'sT. MagounBrown, Soule, & MagounBoston & Medford299 141 ShipTimorS. Lapham'sGeorge FullerDaniel C. BaconBoston300 142 ShipParisSprague & James'sSprague & JamesAugustus NealSalem369 143 BrigLucillaSprague & James'sSprague & JamesD. P. ParkerBoston287 144 ShipLouisaSprague & James'sSprague & JamesNathaniel GoddardBoston325 1451829ShipMargaret ForbesT. Magoun'sT. MagounBryant SturgisBoston398 146 ShipColiseumT. Magoun'sT. MagounJohn Brown & T. MagounBoston & Medford302 147 ShipFlaviusT. Magoun'sT. MagounJohn Brown & T. MagounBoston & Medford302 148 Sch.EdwardS. Lapham'sGeorge FullerGeorge B. LaphamMedford55 149 Sch.KingS. Lapham'sGeorge FullerJohn BishopMedford65 150 Sch.MysticSprague & James'sJohn SparrellJohn BishopMedford70 151 ShipGibralt
-24HARRIOT Pepperrell m., 1802, Sir Charles Palmer, who d. Apr. 27, 1827. His widow d. Jan. 2, 1842. Children:--  24-35Louisa C.  36Mary Anne.  37Caroline H.  38George J., m. Emily Elizabeth Holford, Feb., 1836.  39Charles A., m. Julia Simpson by her--  120-193Anna, m. Samuel Rand.  194Martha.   And by his second wife, Mary Green,--  195Lucy.  196Mary.  197Louisa.  198Isaac.  199Ann Maria, m. James Sawyer.  200Timothy.  201George. 69-122Samuel Tufts m., 1st, Hannah Tufts, Dec. 8.  78Merrill, b. Feb. 20, 1792; d., s.p., 1813.  79Elizabeth C., b. Apr. 18, 1794.  80Sophia F., b. Oct. 9, 1803.  81Louisa, b. Oct. 10, 1806. 36-55John Whitmore m. Sarah McLellan, and had--  55-82Amherst, b. Sept. 18, 1805.  83Philena, b. Ma06; m.1st, Oct. 1, 1835, M. Stace, who d. Mar. 25, 1845; 2d, C. Grinnell, Oct. 1, 1846, who was b. Mar. 19, 1826.   Louisa H., b. May 11, 1807.   Julia D., b. Feb. 28, 1809.    Sarah P. (Fanny Fern) b. July 9, 1811; m.
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Verrazzano, Giovanni da 1508- (search)
e published is the record. It was in March, 1524, that he discovered the American coast, probably not far from the site of Wilmington, in North Carolina. It will be interesting for the student to follow him in his course northward, remembering that he was the first European who explored this part of the coast. A newe land, he exclaims in his letter, never before seen of any man, either auncient or moderne. Among the places which he describes, New York Harbor, Block Island (which he named Louisa, in honor of the King's mother), Newport, and other places have been identified. He continued along the Maine coast and as far as Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, which fishermen from Brittany had found twenty years before (the name of Cape Breton is a trace of them), thence returning to France. He reached Dieppe early in July, and it is from Dieppe, July 8, 1524, that his letter to the King is dated. It is the earliest description known to exist of the shores of the United States. There
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Kentucky, 1863 (search)
4th Mounted Infantry. March 2: Skirmish, Slate Creek near Mount SterlingKENTUCKY--10th Cavalry. OHIO--7th Cavalry. March 9: Skirmish, Hazel GreenOHIO--44th Mounted Infantry (Detachment). March 11: Affair, ParisWagon Guard. March 12: Skirmish, LouisaKENTUCKY--14th Infantry. March 19: Skirmish, Mount SterlingOHIO--2d Cavalry. March 19: Skirmish, Hazel GreenOHIO--44th Mounted Infantry. March 22: Action, Mount SterlingKENTUCKY--10th and 14th Cavalry (Detachments). Union loss, 4 killed, 10 wou --: Skirmish, MadisonvilleINDIANA--65th Infantry (Detachment). March 24: Skirmish, DanvilleINDIANA--Wilder's Indpt. Battery Light Arty. KENTUCKY--1st Cavalry. MICHIGAN--18th and 22d Infantry. TENNESSEE--2d Cavalry. March 25-26: Skirmishes near LouisaKENTUCKY--14th and 39th Mounted Infantry. OHIO--McLaughlin's Squadron Cavalry. Union loss, 1 killed, 2 wounded, 4 missing. Total, 7. March 26: Skirmish, DanvilleKENTUCKY--9th Cavalry (Detachment). March 28: Skirmish, Hickman's BridgeOHIO--44th M
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Kentucky, 1864 (search)
ril 14: Affair, BoonevilleKENTUCKY--Home Guard. April 16: Skirmish, SaylersvilleKENTUCKY--39th Mounted Infantry. April 18-20: Exp. from Burkesville to Obey's River Tenn.KENTUCKY--13th Cavalry (Detachment). April 19: Skirmish, Pound GapKENTUCKY--45th Infantry (Detachment). April 27: Skirmish, Troublesome CreekKENTUCKY--45th Infantry. May 5: Scout in Meade and Breckenridge CountiesKENTUCKY--35th Infantry (Co. "B"). May 6: Skirmish, MorganfieldKENTUCKY--45th Infantry. May 9-13: Exp. from Louisa to Rockhouse CreekKENTUCKY--39th Mounted Infantry (Co. "B"). May 9: Skirmish, Pound GapMICHIGAN--11th Cavalry (Co's "A," "F"). May 16: Skirmish, Pond Creek, Pike CountyMICHIGAN--11th Cavalry (Co's "A," "F"). May 16: Skirmish, Pike CountyKENTUCKY--39th Infantry. May 18: Skirmish, Wolf RiverKENTUCKY--39th Infantry. May 20: Skirmish, MayfieldKENTUCKY--13th Cavalry. Union loss, 2 killed. (No Reports.) May 31-June 20: Operations against Morgan's Invasion of KentuckyINDIANA--2d Cavalry. KENT
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Illinois Volunteers. (search)
ade, 8th Army Corps, Middle Dept., to September, 1862. Duty at Martinsburg, W. Va., June to September. Expedition to Darkesville August 24. Moved to Harper's Ferry, W. Va., September 12. Siege of Harper's Ferry September 12-15. Surrendered September 15. Paroled September 16 and moved to Annapolis, Md., thence to Camp Douglass, Chicago, Ill., and duty there till May, 1863. Ordered to Cincinnati, Ohio, May 12, thence to Covington, Ky. To Catlettsburg, Ky., May 24. To Louisa, Ky., June 2, and duty there till August. Expedition up Big Sandy Valley to Beaver Creek June 14-July 22. Expedition to Gladesville, Va., July (Section). Moved to Covington, Ky., thence to Camp Nelson, Ky., August 4-8. Attached to 1st Brigade, 4th Division, 23rd Army Corps, Army of the Ohio, to August, 1863. 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 23rd Army Corps, to December, 1863. District of North Central Kentucky, 1st Division, 23rd Army Corps, to January, 1864. District of Southwe
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Kentucky Volunteers. (search)
ril 25. Moved to Atlanta, Ga., thence to Louisa, Ky. Mustered out July 12 to 17, 1865. Reg, Dept. of the Ohio, to September, 1863. Louisa, Ky., District of Eastern Kentucky, 1st Divisionecember 4-5. Louisa March 12, 1863. Near Louisa March 25-26. Operations in Eastern Kentuckyowling Green, Ky., till December 30, and at Louisa, Ky., protecting Virginia line till September, 113. Moved to Prestonburg June 13, thence to Louisa July 15, and duty there till August. Moved Kentucky Regiment Infantry. Organized at Louisa, Ky., January 20, 1862. Attached to 18th BrigDistrict of Kentucky, to December, 1864. Louisa (Ky.) District and Dept. of Kentucky, to Septembe5. Near Prestonburg December 31. Near Louisa, Ky., March 25-26, 1863. Piketon April 13 and. Saylersville April 16. Expedition from Louisa to Rockhouse Creek May 9-13 (Co. B ). Pond Ky., and cover front from Cumberland Gap. to Louisa till March, 1864. Action at Saylersville, K[5 more...]
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Michigan Volunteers. (search)
the Ohio, to August, 1864. 4th Brigade, District of Kentucky, Dept. of the Ohio, to February, 1865. 2nd Brigade, Cavalry Division, District of East Tennessee, Dept. of the Cumberland, to July, 1865. Service. Moved from Lexington to Louisa, Ky., April 28-May 3, 1864, and duty scouting and patrolling in Eastern Kentucky till May 25. Expedition from Louisa to Rockhouse Creek May 9-13 (Cos. A, F ). Pound Gap May 9 (Cos. A, F ). Pursuit of Morgan May 25-June 20. Mount SterlLouisa to Rockhouse Creek May 9-13 (Cos. A, F ). Pound Gap May 9 (Cos. A, F ). Pursuit of Morgan May 25-June 20. Mount Sterling June 9. Duty at Lexington, Ky., till August 23. Moved to Camp Burnside, on the Cumberland River, August 23, and duty protecting southern borders of Kentucky till September 16. Burbridge's Expedition to Saltsville, Va., September 17-October 20. McCormack's Farm September 23. Laurel Mountain, Va., September 29. Cedar Bluffs September 30. Bowen's Farm September 30-October 1. Saltsville October 2. Sandy Mountain October 3. Regiment complimented by Gen. Burbridge for
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