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Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The opposing forces at Fredericksburg, Va. (search)
3d Va.,----; 57th Va.,----. Kemper's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. James L. Kemper: 1st Va.,----; 3d Va.,----; 7th Va.,----; 11th Va.,----; 24th Va.,----. Jenkins's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Micah Jenkins: 1st S. C. (Hagood's); 2d S. C. Rifles,----; 5th S. C.,----; 6th S. C.,----; Hampton (S. C.) Legion,----; Palmetto (S. C.) Sharp-shooters,----. Corse's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Montgomery D. Corse: 15th Va.,----; 17th Va.,----; 30th Va.,----; 32d Va.,----. Artillery (composition incomplete): Va. Battery, Capt. James Dearing; Va. Battery (Fauquier Art'y), Capt. R. M. Stribling; Va. Battery (Richmond Fayette Art'y), Capt. Miles C. Macon. Division loss: k, 3; w, 50; m, 1 == 54. Hood's division, Maj.-Gen. John B. Hood. Law's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. E. McIver Law: 4th Ala.,----; 44th Ala.,----; 6th N. C.,----; 54th N. C., Col. J. C. S. McDowell; 57th N. C., Col. A. C. Godwin. Brigade loss: k, 50; w, 164; m, 5 == 219. Robertson's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. J. B. Robertson: 3d Ark.,----; 1st Tex.,----; 4th Tex.,--
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The Confederate army. (search)
The Confederate army. army of Northern Virginia.--General Robert E. Lee. First Army Corps. Lieut.-Gen. James Longstreet, with Hood's and Pickett's divisions and Dearing's and Henry's artillery battalions, absent in South-eastern Virginia. McLaws's division, Maj.-Gen. Lafayette McLaws. Wofford's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. W. T. Wofford: 16th Ga.,----; The dash indicates that the name of the commanding officer has not been found in the Official Records.--editors. 18th Ga.,----; 24th Ga.,----; Cobb's (Ga.) Legion,----; Phillips's (Ga.) Legion,----. Brigade loss: k, 74; w, 479; m, 9 = 562. Semmes's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Paul J. Semmes: 10th Ga., Lieut.-Col. W. C. Holt; 50th Ga., Lieut.-Col. F. Kearse; 51st Ga., Col. W. M. Slaughter (k), Lieut.-Col. Edward Ball (w); 53d Ga., Col. James P. Simms. Brigade loss: k, 85; w, 492; m, 26 =603. Kershaw's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Joseph B. Kershaw: 2d S. C., Col. John D. Kennedy; 3d S. C., Maj. R. C. Maffett; 7th S. C., Col. Elbert Bland; 8th S.
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The great charge and artillery fighting at Gettysburg. (search)
rleans, then under Major Eshleman, nine guns, and my own battalion of twenty-six guns. Besides these, the artillery of the corps comprised Cabell's, Henry's, and Dearing's battalions of eighteen guns each. The latter battalions were usually attached, on the march, respectively to McLaws's, Hood's, and Pickett's divisions of infan had a good idea of all the ground, and had Cabell's, Henry's, and my own battalions parked near where our infantry lines were to be formed and the attack begun. Dearing's battalion with Pickett's infantry was not yet up, and the Washington Artillery was left in reserve. Through some blunder, part of our infantry had been marchal shots at us, though we shifted about, as inoffensively as possible, and carefully avoided getting into bunches. But we stood it all meekly, and by 10 o'clock, Dearing having come up, we had seventy-five guns in what was virtually one battery, so disposed as to fire on Cemetery Hill and the batteries south of it, which would hav
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The opposing forces at Gettysburg, Pa., July 1st-3d, 1863. (search)
57th Va., Col. John Bowie Magruder (k). Brigade loss: k, 88; w, 460; m, 643 = 1191. Kemper's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. James L. Kemper (w and c), Col. Joseph Mayo, Jr. (w): 1st Va., Col. Lewis B. Williams (w), Lieut.-Col. F. G. Skinner; 3d Va., Col. Joseph Mayo, Jr., Lieut.-Col. A. D. Callcote (k); 7th Va., Col. W. T. Patton (k), Lieut.-Col. C. C. Flowerree; 11th Va., Maj. Kirkwood Otey (w); 24th Va., Col. William R. Terry (w). Brigade loss: k, 58; w, 356; m, 317 = 731. Artillery Battalion, Maj. James Dearing: Va. Battery (Fauquier Art'y), Capt. R. M. Stribling; Va. Battery (Hampden Art'y), Capt. W. H. Caskie; Va. Battery (Richmond Fayette Art'y), Capt. M. C. Macon; Va. Battery, Capt. Joseph G. Blount. Battalion loss: k, 8; w, 17 = 25. Hood's division, Maj.-Gen. John B. Hood (w), Brig.-Gen. E. McIver Law. Law's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. E. McIver Law, Col. James L. Sheffield: 4th Ala., Lieut.-Col. L. H. Scruggs; 15th Ala., Col. William C. Oates, Capt. B. A. Hill; 44th Ala., Col. William F.
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., The Confederate Army. (search)
Ga.,----. Ransom's Brigade. Composition not indicated. Artillery Battalion, Composition not indicated. Maj. W. M. Owen. Cavalry: 3d N. C., Col. John A. Baker; 7th S. C., Col. W. P. Shingler. Whiting's division, Maj.-Gen. W. H. C. Whiting. Wise's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Henry A. Wise: 26th Va., Col. P. R. Page; 34th Va.,----; 46th Va.,----; 59th Va., Col. William B. Tabb. Martin's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. James G. Martin: 17th N. C.,----; 42d N. C.,----; 66th N. C.,----. Cavalry, Brig.-Gen. James Dearing: 7th Confederate, Col. V. H. Taliaferro; 8th Ga., Col. Joel R. Griffin; 4th N. C., Col. Dennis D. Ferrebee; 65th N. C., Col. G. N. Folk. Thirty-eighth Battalion Va. Artillery, Maj. J. P. W. Read: Blount's, Caskie's, Macon's, and Marshall's batteries. miscellaneous: Elliott's Brigade, Col. Stephen Elliott, Jr.: 61st N. C.,----; Holcombe (S. C.) Legion,----. Hunton's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Eppa Hunton: 8th Va., Capt. H. C. Bowie; 19th Va., Capt. J. G. Woodson; 25th Va. (Battalion), Li
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., chapter 4.27 (search)
s Bermuda base. You will take up your position to-night on Swift Creek, with Wise's, Martin's, Dearing's, and two regiments of Colquitt's brigade, with about twenty pieces under Colonel Jones. At daviest firing, to attack enemy in rear or flank. You will protect your advance and flanks with Dearing's cavalry, taking necessary precautions to distinguish friends from foes. Please communicate tthree hundred yards in rear of the last brigade. General Whiting, with Wise's, Martin's, and Dearing's commands, with two regiments of Colquitt's brigade and twenty pieces of artillery under Colonting. The only portion of his force which communicated with me on the 16th was a detachment of Dearing's command, acting as an escort to General T. M. Logan, one of the bearers of my instructions tod not rely on any advance being made that day by General Whiting. From him I also learned that Dearing, impatient at his commander's tardiness to obey my orders, and desirous of accelerating General
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., Operations South of the James River. (search)
nd with rapidity and precision hurled a storm of shell and canister upon the approaching cavalry. The enemy, who thought themselves already in possession of the city, halted in surprise. But just at this moment, while they were yet hesitating, Dearing's cavalry, which had followed after Graham's battery, charged upon Kautz's and Spear's column with irresistible impetuosity. The latter wheeled about, but re-formed on the top of the next hill and gallantly endeavored to make a stand there, being joined by another column advancing upon the Blandford road. But this also was checked by a section of Sturdivant's battery, which came on their flank from another road. Under the fire of artillery and the charge of Dearing's cavalry the enemy retreated. In Jackson's field, about a mile beyond Blandford church, our cavalry captured a howitzer, complete, with its team, and in the subsequent pursuit killed or captured a number of the enemy. Map 1: siege of Petersburg, Va. Map 2: siege
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., chapter 11.81 (search)
of the 26th, 34th, and 46th Virginia regiments, the 64th Georgia, the 23d South Carolina, Archer's militia, Battle's and Wood's battalions, Sturdivant's battery, Dearing's small command of cavalry, and some other transient forces, having a real effective for duty of 2200 only. These troops occupied the Petersburg line on the leftery 4 1/2 yards. From that bridge to the Appomattox — a distance of fully 4 1/2 miles--the line was defenseless. Early in the morning — at about 7 o'clock--General Dearing, on the Broadway and City Point roads, reported his regiment engaged with a large force of the enemy. The stand made by our handful of cavalry, near their bre result, and, in spite of the desperate efforts of our men, the cavalry breastworks were flanked and finally abandoned by us, with the loss one howitzer. Still, Dearing's encounter with the enemy, at that moment and on that part of the field, was of incalculable advantage to the defenders of our line, inasmuch as it afforded time
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., Actions on the Weldon Railroad. (search)
was intense and the country so drenched with rain that the fields were well-nigh impassable for artillery. Griffin took the lead, with his division and Spear's cavalry, met the enemy's pickets a mile from the road,--which was guarded by General James Dearing's brigade of cavalry,--deployed his skirmish-line, and advanced rapidly on the road in column of brigades, then turned to the south and west. Ayres followed, but wheeled toward the city, with Crawford's division in column on his right and Cutler's division in reserve. A report by Dearing to General Beauregard, commanding the defenses of Petersburg, enabled that commander to get troops on the road, and after a mile's march Ayres found himself confronted by General Heth's division of Hill's corps, in position, with artillery. At the first encounter Ayres was forced to fall back a little to prevent the turning of his left flank, but he quickly rallied and finally, by the help of Hofmann's brigade of Cutler's division, drove H
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., The opposing forces at Petersburg and Richmond: December 31st, 1864. (search)
gion, Lieut.-Col. B. S. King; Phillips Ga. Legion, Lieut.-Col. W. W. Rich; Jeff. Davis's Miss. Legion, Maj. J. F. Lewis. Lee's division, Maj.-Gen. W. H. F. Lee. Barringer's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Rufus Barringer: 1st N. C., Col. W. H. Cheek; 2d N. C., Col. W. P. Roberts; 3d N. C., Col. J. A. Baker; 5th N. C., Maj. J. H. McNeill. Beale's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. R. L. T. Beale: 9th Va., Col. T. Waller; 10th Va., Lieut.-Col. R. A. Caskie; 13th Va., Col. J. C. Phillips. Dearing's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. J. Dearing: 8th Ga., Col. J. R. Griffin; 4th N. C., Col. D. D. Ferebee; 16th N. C. Batt'n, Lieut.-Col. J. T. Kennedy. horse artillery, Maj. R. Preston Chew: S. C. Battery (Hart's), Lieut. E. L. Halsey; Va. Battery, Capt. Edward Graham; Va. Battery, Capt. William M. McGregor. Richmond and Danville defenses, Brig.-Gen. J. A. Walker. [Consisted mainly of several battalions of Virginia Reserves, second-class militia, and small detachments of cavalry and artillery.] The following exhibit o
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