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ahoo, Lon Davis, A J Scott, L S Sherman. Men in action397 Killed12 Wounded62 Missing39 Total113 * Since dead The regiment was in the thickest of the fight, and at one time was partially surrounded by the overwhelming forces of the enemy. All honor to the brave men of the 37th. Forty Second Virginia regiment. The subjoined list of casualties in the 42d regiment, Col. Jesse Burkes, is furnished by a correspondent of the Lynchburg Republican: Company A--Captain Mullins commanding Killed — none. Wounded — Lieut J W Crete and Private P F Frazier. Missing — W Watkins. Company B--Killed — none. Wounded--Privates Thos Bryan and W H Whitenack Missing — Corporal J H Payne, and Privates O Reid and John T. Smith. Company C--Captain Buford commanding. Killed — Privates W E Dooley and W H Vest. Wounded--Capt Buford, and private. Ben D Crouch, Thomas A. Williams John A Vest. Missing--Sergeant Robert Williams and Color corporal Wm S Jones.
rgt Jos Bernier, 1st Corp'l John Ahern, Michael Cass, Dewey. David Badley, Jas E Gofford, B F Gordon, Amos B Grubb, Chas Harrington, Thos Moran, Jno O'Sullivan, Richard Relley, John Taylor, Chas Taylor, Chas Walters, Wm. Edgely. Company D, Lieut Buckley in command.--Killed: T Pilkington. Wounded: Capt Jas Nelligan, (acting Major.) 1st Lieut A N Cummings, (acting Adjutant,) 2d Lieut T J Buckley 1st Sergt R McKeown, 4th Sergt John Kelly, J Cain, T Divine, T Doyle, M Golden, M Kennedy, M Mullins, J White, O Cole. Company E, (Montgomery Guards,) Lieut Gilmore in command.--Killed: 1st Lieut Michael B Gilmore, 2d Lieut Joseph Murphy, Michael R Dwyer, Archy McDonald. Wounded: Sergt James Barnwell, Corporal Michael Dwyer, Thomas Gleason, Michael Flannery, Jno J Sculler, Henry Heinmetz, Wm Powers, B O'C Coughlin, Pat Dorr, Jno Bearogan, Peter Keating, Jas Kelly, Tim McDermott, Michael J Murray, Edward Whitbread, Jno Fogarty, Martin Freeman, Jas Hanley, Thos Eagan, Wm Buckley Missing
ess, seven precincts: Goode, 532; Martin, 379. State Senate: Sutherlin, 377; Keen, 394; Whittle, 197. House of Delegates: Buford, 702; Gilmer, 496; Stamps, 228; Swanson, 144; Jefferson. 107; Tredway, 33; Wade, 24; Dye, 4; Blair, 1. Military Vote at Danville.--For Governor: Flournoy, 41; Smith, 36; Munford, 2. Lieutenant Governor: Price, 30; Imboden, 31. Congress: Martin, 11; Goode, 4. State Senate, Henry District: Saunders, 8; Burwell, 0. House of Delegates, Henry county: Gravely, 8; Mullins, 1; Smith, 1; Richardson, 1. Camp Seventeenth Va. Regiment.--For Governor: Smith's majority over Flournoy, 69; over Munford, 146. Lieut Governor: Price 3 maj, over Imboden. Congress: 9th district, Funsten over Menifee, 227 maj; 10th district, Holliday 3 maj over Boteler. Board of Public Works: J. E. Stewart over Beall, 140 maj; over Burnwell, 151; over Kercheval, 155. State Senate: 24th district, Dulany over Ashby 86 maj; over Taylor, 109. House of Delegates: Alexandria, Snowden over
ct to the House of Delegates as far as received: Albemarle — B H Magruder and — Branch. Alexandria — Harrod Snowden. Amherst — Paulus Powell. Bedford — W M Burwell and Alex Jordan. Berkeley — Israel Robinson and Robert W Hunter. Campbell — F B Dean and Daniel Marr. Charles City, James City, and New Kent — W S Slater, (?) Chesterfield — Wm Ambers. Dinwiddie — H C Worsham. Greensville and Sussex — W T Lundy. Henrico — Joseph J English, (?) Henry — Samuel J Mullins, (50 majority.) King William--Harrison B Tomlin. Marion — A S Haymond and Stephen A Morgan. Monongalia — Evans, Stewart, (?) Montgomery — Douthat. Nansemond — N E Riddick. Nelson — J M Shelton. Petersburg — A M Kelley. Pittsylvania — A Buford and John Gilmer. Prince George and Surry — Taylor. Richmond City — Wyndham Robertson, D J Sounders, and D J Burr. Roanoke — Dyeric. Rockingham — Harris, Kinney, and, Walker.
Deaths at Johnson's Island. One of the returned Confederate surgeons has courteously handed us the following list of deaths of Confederate officers who have died in the Federal prison at Johnson's Island since July 20th: Lt Col. A P Hamilton, 1st Miss; Capts G W Fuller, (commander of gunboat,) S C; D C Webb, 1st Ala cavalry; J W Mullins, 1st Miss batt; C Gillespie, 65th N C; C M Tugle, 33d Ga; J M D King, 9th Ga; F M Ezell, 13th Tenn; A E Upchurch, 55th N C; J D Hardy, 18th Arkansas; S W Henry, 9th Tennessee cavalry; J C Peden, regiment unknown.--Lieutenants W J Hudson, 2d N C batt'n; W A Harvin, 51st Ga; Jno Hufsetter, 1st Ark batt'n; J M Musselman, 14th La; M Lyon, 45th N C; J M D Stevenson,15th Ark; S R Graham, 3d Texas cav; W P Harden, 5th N C; L B Williams, 63d N C; J M Dodson, 10th Tenn; E A M Orr, 62d N C; J B Gash, do; J Barnett, 9th La; J Smith Ray, 38th N C.--Privates Andrew Worthington, of Marshall, Ky; G M Cummings, Va; R D Copass, 60th Tenn; D C Jackson, 12th V
attachment. A bill was also presented to define and punish certain offences against the sovereignty of the State that may be, when commanded less than treason. A bill was passed releasing the Commonwealth's claim to certain lands in Petersburg to Matthew Sylvia. The funeral obsequies of Hon. Mr. Wilcox, a member of Congress, being announced, on motion, the Senate adjourned. In the House the joint resolution for any Section of State officers on Wednesday was adopted Mr. Mullins submitted a resolution on the press, and the necessity of the exemption of members, which resolution lies over. The local militia bill, disbanding the 179th regiment militia of the line, and providing for the more efficient organization of the men of second class militia, was passed. Mr. Harris, of Rockingham, made an ineffectual effort to obtain a reconsideration of the vote which passed the bill, in order to insert an amendment limiting to the city of Richmond the power of brea
n the table until to-morrow. House of Delegates. The House was called to order at 11 A. M. by the Speaker. Prayer by Rev. Dr. Hoge. The Speaker laid before the House a communication from the Governor, transmitting, in response to a resolution, certain information concerning exemptions granted by him under State authority, with the names of the persons exempted, and upon what ground; also, the names of those to whom exemptions were refused, and the ground for refusal. Mr. Mullins, of Henry, introduced a resolution calling for a special committee to inquire into alleged suffering sick and wounded Virginia soldiers at Chimborazo Hospital because of a lack of fuel, and, if necessary, to report a bill for their relief. The resolution was adopted and the committee appointed. Mr. Brooke offered a resolution that the Committee on Military Affairs inquire and report whether the Quartermaster-General of the State is absent from the Commonwealth; and, if so, whether h
--The following is the official vote of Chesterfield county, including that of the army, for member of the House of Delegates: William Ambers.348 A. H. Drewry148 Ambers's majority200 It is stated that William M. Burwell is re-elected to the House of Delegates from Bedford county. This county sends two delegates; and the contest between Messrs. Jordan and Pate, for the remaining seat, is very close, though it is believed Mr. Jordan is elected. John Staples is re-elected to the House of Delegates from Patrick county, and Mr. Mullins from Henry county. Sutherlin has about 200 majority over McElhenny for Board of Public. Works, in Patrick, and about the same majority in Henry. The vote of Lynchburg for Commissioner of the Board of Public Works stands; Sutherlin, 130; McElhenny, 106. Colonel A. C. Cummings and George Graham are re-elected to the House of Delegates from Washington county, and Colonel William P. Sheppard is elected from Nelson county.
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