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unded—about half of its effective force. In the two days of Cross Keys and Port Republic the brigade lost 34 killed and 264 wounded. In the Sixth, Capt. Isaac A. Smith was killed, and Lieutenants Farrar and Martin wounded; in the Seventh, Lieut. J. H. Dedlake was killed, Lieutenant-Colonel De Choiseul mortally wounded, and Col. H. T. Hays, Captain Green and Lieutenants Brooks, Driver and Pendergast wounded; in the Eighth, Lieut. A. G. Moore was killed and Lieutenants Montgomery, Randolph and Wren wounded; in the Ninth Lieutenant Meizell killed; and in Wheat's battalion Lieutenants Cockroft, Coyle, McCarthy, Putnam and Ripley wounded. Captain Surget, adjutant-general, was greatly distinguished, and Lieutenants Hamilton and Kilmartin did valuable service. Taylor's brigade remained with Jackson from the first to the last of the unparalleled series of triumphs of that famous commander, and steadily growing in that great soldier's special favor. After Malvern Hill, with the reorganiza
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.27 (search)
m, those from the Richmond Orphan Asylum, the lads from the Young Men's Christian Association, and an organization known to itself as the Sheep Hill Ruffle-necks. Every child carried a flag or a banner, and the scene created by the contingent of young America as they marched through the streets to martial music and inspiring drum-tap, was indeed picturesque and impressive. They were commanded by Mr. D. Smith Redford, who had as his staff Messrs. Gibbs, Jones, Winfree, Chesley, Crump, Byrne, Wren, Batkins, Phillips and Deane. Next in line were the cadets of the Virginia Military Institute, 18o strong, commanded by Colonel Charles R. Marshall, a man of wide military experience. A more magnificent specimen of youthful soldiery has never been seen here than this corps appeared as it drew up into line just to the right of Chief-Marshal Fitz Lee and his staff. They marched as an escort to General Lee, and they were the cynosure of all eyes. The lads from the Institute were clad in fu
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 29. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.52 (search)
John M., captain. Seabrook, Mr. Sizer, John T. Snead, Robert B. Spencer, Dr. Sublett, Samuel S., flag sergeant. Schwagerli, Charles, bugler. Taylor, Thomas P. Taylor, Dr. R. R. Taylor, George. Tinsley, J. S. B. Tompkins, William H. Tompkins, C. Q., captain. Trent, Dr. William Reynolds. Tucker, Benjamin. Tinsley, William N. White, Peter K. Whitfield, John F. Willis, William. Worth, John J., captain. Womble, John E. Wood, William S. Wren, John F. [From the Richmond, Va., Times;, July 16, 1899.] Sinking of the Jamestown. Mr. Robert Wright tells how it was done at Drewry's Bluff. In the newspaper accounts of the death of the late Major A. H. Drewry references have been made to the fight at Drewry's Bluff and the sinking of the Jamestown. Mr. Robert Wright, of Richmond, performed a most important part on that occasion. He was a great admirer of Major Drewry, and in speaking of what took place in the memorable fight a
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 33. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The honor roll of the University of Virginia, from the times-dispatch, December 3, 1905. (search)
J. T., Surg., W. Va., Richmond, Va., 1862. Wolfe, W. H., S. C., Congaree River, S. C. Wonack, G. W., La., Jonesboro, Ga., 1864. Wood, J. D., Capt., Va., Shiloh, Tenn. Wooding, G. W., Capt., Va., Chancellorsville, Va., 1862. Woodley, G. C., S. C., Cold Harbor, Va., 1864. Woodson, J., Maj. and Q. M., Va., Lynchburg, Va., 1864. Worsham. P. H., Va., 1863. Wray, G., Col., Va., Texas, 1864. Wrenn, A. J., Capt., Va., 1864. Wrenn, W., Capt., Va., Manassas, Va., 1862. Wren, F. E., Lt., Va., Gettysburg, Pa., 1863. Wright, J. D., S. C., Richmond, Va. Wright, W. A., Capt., Va., Fredericksburg, 1862. Wright, S. S., Va., Patterson's Creek, W. Va., 1864. Wright, W. S., Va., Orange C. H., Va., 1863. Wyatt, R. O., Capt. Art., Va., Cold Harbor, Va., 1864. Wyatt, J. W., Surg., Va., Albemarle Co., Va., 1861. Wynn, W. B., N. C., Castle William, N. Y., 1864. Wynn, W. G., Va., 1862. Wysor, B. F., Va., Montgomery Co., Va., 1863. Yancey, T. L., Ca
ison mrs Martha Traylor mrs Va P Tucker mrs Jas A Turpin mrs Mildred Tomlinson miss R C Tardy miss Sarah E Taylor miss F A Tinsley miss Bettie T Viars mrs Elizabeth Van Buren miss H J Waller mrs M A Waddell mrs S E Warren mrs Sarah Westcott mrs Mary A Williams mrs M L Woodard mrs Mary Woodson mrs M L Walker miss Jane Walker miss S J Wassenman miss H Whiteman miss M A Williams miss Emma Woodson miss M R Woodward miss A E C Wren miss M C Gentlemen's list. Allen Edward Auto Ed Allen Gerard Arnett Hy C Ashby Hy C Allen M W 2 Atkins Michael Allen Jas R Archer Dr J L Atkinson Jas T Antheny Jno F Allison Jas H Angel Jno S Amiss Rev J H Armistead W A Atkins Alex Abney &Co Berry Andw J Butter A B Brown A G Buck Wm H Branch Wm E Baker Thos Burke Thos Bowen F Brooks Stetson Burch R Beasley R R 2 Barit Robert Bryant R A Bell Reuben
The Queen Sisters. --The performances of these promising children, at the Theatre, on Monday night, gave unlimited satisfaction to a thronged audience. They evince wonderful versatility of dramatic talent, sing well, and dance gracefully. Through their exertions in the South heretofore a considerable sum of money has been contributed to the volunteers. The pleasing play of "Faint Heart never won Fair Lady" was well played the same night by the stock company; Miss Wren, Mrs. Jennie Powell, Mr. Ogden and others sustaining their parts admirably.
Dramatic --The performance at the Theatre last night was for the benefit of the Hampton sufferers, which we consider a laudable proceeding on the part of the management.--The house is crowded every night, and we hear good opinions expressed of the manner in which Miss Wren, Mrs. De Bar, Messrs. Daiton, Warwick and Ogden, and some others, acquit themselves. On Monday night next, Miss Ida Vernon, a young lady of excellent accomplishments, will commence an engagement, which we prophecy will be a brilliant one.
Eight Sons in the army. --Mrs Martha Tyler, a widow lady living in Henrico county, Va., ten miles west of Richmond, has eight, sons in the service of the Confederate States viz. three in Courtney's Artillery, two in the Hampden Artillery, two in the 15th Virginia infantry, and one in Captain Wren's company of cavalry.
Stealing Government Wand --A negro man was yesterday arrested by the pickets of Capt. company in the act of stealing a cart-load of Government wood, neer the new Fair Ground negro atated he lived with Mr. Yarbro, opposite the old Fair Grounds and that that gentlemen sent him after the wood. He was committee Castle Thunder to await trial; and the and cart placed in charge of Deputy Marsbal Myers, who will hold it until claimed by its owner. Tho following parties were also arrested by Capt. Wren's company of cavalry, for helping themselves to Government wood without authority, and were brought to Richmond and ledged in Casile Thunder, viz: Peter Alley, Martin Murphy James Ford Charies Desler, and John whites; and H Johnson a free negro and John, a slave.
msbourg, teamster, Martinsburg. Va. Among the Confederates recently taken to Fort Delaware are Captain S M Somers, Virginia; Capt Beckwith West, Virginia; Lieut S B Samuels, Virginia; Lieut G W Veltch, Virginia; Lieut J F Everly, Virginia; Lieut J H Wright, Virginia; Lieut L M Hottell, Virginia; Lieut C E Bott, Virginia; Lieut J P Oden, Virginia; Capt C S Coffee, Mississippi; Lieut J K Decrow, Louisiana; Lieut E Waterman, Louisiana; Lieut J M Browne, Georgia; Lieut N T Johnson, Georgia; s Wren, Louisianian; J J Dix, Louisiana. The steamer Daniel Webster, Captain Wood, arrived here yesterday with 312 wounded and sick soldiers from the Peninsula, the majority of the former having been disabled during the battles incident to Gen. McClellan's change of position. Vessels libeled for Trading with Virginia. The Baltimore Sun says: The schooner General Taylor, of New York, for Norfolk, J. D. Jones, master, laden with sutler's stores, has been libeled in the United Stat
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