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Atlanta (Georgia, United States) (search for this): article 3
by a united blow against Richmond. The fall of Vicksburg is followed by an exhibition of energy at Charleston no less desperate and persevering, to be succeeded probably by an attempt at Savannah and Mobile.--Against the latter but a moiety of Grant's army will be directed in combination with the fleet, while the remainder may form a junction with Rosecrans, with the view, as their avowal and oft-repeated intentions render reasonable, of securing Chattanooga and East Tennessee, and then Atlanta, Ga., the heart of the railroad circulation of the South. This done, and the Confederacy split again, the rebellion is virtually crushed, as they will believe, and the fall of Richmond only a question of time. Meantime, Gen. Meade, too weak to advance himself, and in the event of an advance by Gen. Lee, has placed his army beyond the Rappahannock, in a position he is daily strengthening, or so as to easily fall back to another more defensible. How far these crude speculations are founded i
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