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Contreras (New Mexico, United States) (search for this): chapter 3
as possible, and I could hardly hold her. From Cerro Gordo to the capital of Mexico, Captain Lee at every point increased the reputation he was acquiring. At Contreras, Churubusco, Molino del Rey, and Chapultepec he was constantly in the saddle, performing with alacrity and courage the duties of a trusted staff officer. Beforeelds, Smith, Cadwalader, etc.. .. . Subsequently Scott, while giving testimony before a court of inquiry, said: Captain Lee, of the engineers, came to me from Contreras with a message from Brigadier-General Smith. I think about the same time (midnight) he, having passed over the difficult ground by daylight, found it just possarch, with some recruits. Winfield Scott Hancock was there as second lieutenant, Sixth Infantry, twenty-three years of age, and was brevetted for his conduct at Contreras and Churubusco. There too was Albert Sidney Johnston of the First (Texas) Rifles and afterward inspector general of Butler's division; so also Joseph E. Johnsto
Perote, Alabama (Alabama, United States) (search for this): chapter 3
econnoissances, as daring as laborious, and of the utmost value. Nor was he less conspicuous in planning batteries and in conducting columns from stations under the heavy fire of the enemy. General Lee thus describes the battle of Cerro Gordo: Perote, April 25, 1847. The advance of the American troops, under Generals Patterson and Twiggs, were encamped at the Plano del Rio, and three miles to their front Santa Anna and his army were intrenched in the pass of Cerro Gordo, which was remarkabthe morning sun and the light morning clouds flitting around us. On reaching the top, the valley appeared at intervals between the clouds which were below us, and high over all towered Orizaba, with its silver cap of snow. The castle or fort of Perote is one of the best finished that I have ever seen-very strong, with high, thick walls, bastioned fronts, and deep, wide ditch. It is defective in construction and is very spacious, covers twenty-five acres, and although there is within its walls
Ravensworth (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 3
f July? Bring Sis Nannie and the little ones; I long to see you all; I only arrived yesterday, after a longjourney up the Mississippi, which route I was induced to take for the better accommodation of my horse, as I wished to spare her as much annoyance and fatigue as possible, she already having undergone so much suffering in my service. I landed her at Wheeling and left her to come over with Jim. I have seen but few of our friends as yet, but hear they are all well. Cousin Anna is at Ravensworth. I met Mrs. John Mason yesterday as I passed through W. All her people are well. I hear that that pretty Rhett, hearing of my arrival, ran off yesterday evening to take refuge with you. Never mind, there is another person coming from Mexico from whom she can not hide herself. Tell her with my regrets that I brought muchas cosas from her young rifleman, who is as bright and handsome as ever. No, Sis Nannie, your sister was not here when I arrived. Are you satisfied? She had gone to A
Fort Pillow (Tennessee, United States) (search for this): chapter 3
ghly in his report, writing that if devotion, industry, talent, and gallantry are the highest qualities of a soldier, then Lieutenant Jackson is entitled to the distinction which their possession confers. In the army also was Longstreet, lieutenant of infantry, twenty-six years old, brevetted twice and wounded at Chapultepec; and Magruder, known among his comrades as Prince John, from courtly manners, distinguished appearance, and fine conversational powers, who commanded a light battery in Pillow's division, was twice brevetted and wounded at Chapultepec. John Sedgwick was with the army, first lieutenant of artillery, a classmate of Bragg and Early and Hooker, twice brevetted; and so was Richard S. Ewell, a typical dragoon; Ambrose P. Hill, only twenty-one years old, second lieutenant of the First Artillery; and Daniel H. Hill, Jubal Early, and many others who afterward became famous. Little did these young fellows, who marched, bivouacked, fought, and bled side by side on the bur
Louisiana (Louisiana, United States) (search for this): chapter 3
commander, from his quarters near the temple of the Aztec god of war, dreamed of infinite wealth for himself, his soldiers, and his country. A fascinating interest in Mexico has always kept pace with the progress and growth of the contiguous American Republic. Upon the final overthrow of the Mexicans by the Spaniards, the adjoining sections were settled by the latter, and a permanent location was made in Texas, at San Antonio de Bexar, in 1692. France, in selling to the United States Louisiana, claimed the boundary line to be the River Rio Grande del Norte, and assigned this boundary claim to the United States. It was, however, relinquished by the American Republic to Spain, in a treaty made with that country in 1812. When Mexico, in 1820, threw off the Spanish yoke, she obtained at the same time the domain of Texas. Afterward Stephen F. Austin obtained from the Mexican Government large tracts of land in Texas and established colonies on them. Citizens of the United States w
Mexico (Mexico, Mexico) (search for this): chapter 3
twelfth President of the United States. When Mexico's capital was decided to be the objective poincretary of War had no difficulty in sending to Mexico the most capable officers. Engineers are aold her. From Cerro Gordo to the capital of Mexico, Captain Lee at every point increased the repuizens. These are certainly not hard terms for Mexico, considering how the fortune of war has been aovoked, by ignorance and vanity on the part of Mexico. It is true we bullied her. For that I am ashof the city. To Mrs. Lee he writes: City of Mexico, April 12, 1848. I rode out a few days sinctives and friends. In a letter, dated City of Mexico, May 21, 1848, he writes to his naval brother, as an old horse to die. In Scott's army in Mexico at that time were many subordinate officers fiaty was ratified between the United States and Mexico which was received with joy by the inhabitantsR. E. Lee. After the Treaty of Peace with Mexico, Lee was assigned to the important duty of con[14 more...]
Virginia (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 3
rnal ancestors, he no less fell heir to the strong characteristics of his mother's family, one of the oldest and best in Virginia. The unselfishness, generosity, purity, and faithfulness of the Virginia Carters are widely known, and they have alwaysother a daughter of Alexander Spottswood, the soldier who fought with Marlborough at Blenheim, and was afterward sent to Virginia as governor in 1710, and whose descent can be traced in a direct line from King Robert the Bruce, of Scotland. Roberd that of Washington were not only in the same county but only a short distance apart. The landscape of that section of Virginia was the first that greeted the eyes of each. The Potomac River, in all its grandeur and beauty, flowed past Stratford aon and war. President Van Buren, a citizen of New York, would not entertain annexation, while a successor-John Tyler, of Virginia-favored it. A treaty made to carry out the provisions of annexation was rejected by the Senate. In 1844 it became a par
Washington (United States) (search for this): chapter 3
well as Pope's Creek. Alexandria afterward became his town, as it had before been the town of Washington. The married life of the two was respectively passed at Mount Vernon and Arlington, the same did not amount to the number of whites murdered by them. From that point he was ordered to Washington and made assistant to the chief engineer, an agreeable change, for it brought him near the homgton. Macomb accepted the invitation, and the two gayly rode along the great public avenue in Washington, passing by the President's house, bowing to Cabinet officers, and behaving in rather a hilario me at this place, and sending it either by mail or some safe hand to the Engineer Office, Washington City, without any word or further direction, it will come safely to hand. I once saw in the hanount, or any concern about the distribution of favors. I know how those things are awarded at Washington, and how the President will be besieged by clamorous claimants. I do not wish to be numbered
Michigan (Michigan, United States) (search for this): chapter 3
President's house, bowing to Cabinet officers, and behaving in rather a hilarious way generally. It is difficult for a soldier of the Army of Northern Virginia to picture his commanding general in a scene such as has been described. Five years after leaving his Alma Mater he was promoted from second to first lieutenant of engineers, and in two years more reached a captaincy. In 1835 he was made assistant astronomer of the commission appointed to lay the boundary line between Ohio and Michigan. Two years afterward he bade adieu to Arlington to obey an order to proceed to St. Louis to make estimates, prepare plans, and devise means to prevent the Great father of Waters from leaving his legitimate channel and overrunning property upon which he had no claims, for the Mississippi had threatened to leave the St. Louis side and become a flowing citizen of Illinois. In the performance of this duty he came prominently into notice again; he was so active, so indefatigable, and worked so
Cerro Gordo, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (search for this): chapter 3
s under Patterson and Twiggs, in front of the heights of Cerro Gordo, Lee accompanied him. It was the reconnoissance of this t Santa Anna and his army were intrenched in the pass of Cerro Gordo, which was remarkably strong. The right of the Mexican ng thirty-five cannon; in their rear was the mountain of Cerro Gordo, surrounded by intrenchments in which were cannon and creral Twiggs's division in the rear of a hill in front of Cerro Gordo, and in the afternoon, when it became necessary to drivition, etc., and they in strengthening their defenses on Cerro Gordo. Soon after sunrise our batteries opened, and I startedhe mean time our storming party had reached the crest of Cerro Gordo, and, seeing their whole left turned and the position ofhad broken a way through the chaparral and turned toward Cerro Gordo I mounted Creole, who stepped over the dead men with sucfierce as possible, and I could hardly hold her. From Cerro Gordo to the capital of Mexico, Captain Lee at every point inc
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