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There must be not merely a victory, but a rout. Copperheadism in every State must be swept down, and with such force that all the world shall see it can never rise again. A deed like that would strike such dismay into the rebellion that it could never rally with any vigor. Just that overwhelming triumph is possible next Tuesday. In the name of the country, whose existence is at stake, let every loyal man do his utmost to secure it. Yankee vessel fired upon by the Japanese. From Japan, on the 15th of August, it is reported that the United States steamer Monitor, from Hokadadi, ran into a bay east of Nagasaki, in stress of weather, for fuel. While here, she was suddenly fired on by a native battery and infantrymen stationed behind screens on the shore. Twenty-four musket balls hit the vessel's side, but no person was injured. The Monitor ran out of range south ward, when she was fired on by another battery. She then opened from her Parrott guns and shelled the first ba
ch of international law was committed in the seizure of the Florida, but says the matter rests with the Brazilian Government. It is not a question that England can touch even with the longest possible diplomatic pole. The steamer Sacramento left Southampton on the 2d instant. Spain has sent an ultimatum to Peru, by Senor Pareja, that if full satisfaction is not given, the Spanish squadron is at once to seize the Republic and destroy the fleet. The success of the allies at Japan is confirmed. The Straits were opened after three days fighting. All the batteries were destroyed. The loss was slight. The Paris papers publish a telegram from Calcutta, giving the following details of the destruction caused by the late hurricane at Calcutta: One hundred and ten ships were wrecked and twelve thousand persons drowned. The total loss is estimated at two hundred million francs. A great portion of the city was inundated, and the villages bordering on the river were un
The Daily Dispatch: December 30, 1864., [Electronic resource], The inaugural of the Governor of South Carolina. (search)
e Opinion Nationale, of a recent date, gives this dismal picture of the present belligerent condition of the world: "If there be a dead calm in politics, as well as business, among us, it is not the same in all parts of the little planet we inhabit. Three-quarters of humanity, in fact, are living in the barbarous state of war. There is war in Poland; war in Algeria, war in Tunis; war in Mexico; war in the United States; war in Peru; war in New Zealand; war in China and Zachgar; war in Japan; war in Afghanistan; war in twenty countries in Africa. This is, unfortunately, enough to discourage the friends of universal peace; and who can say they will not meet with still greater disappointment next year. Italy, Hungary, Poland, Denmark and the Slavonian population of Turkey, are not, it must be confessed, in the most pacific humor, and, to those who study the general situation of our continent, it is quite evident that the general situation, instead of getting better, goes on from
Horrible Slaughter in Japan--Six Hundred Murdered in cold blood. --We have received, via Holland, a letter from Japan three days later than the news already published. It has been already stated that, the Prince of Nagato having refused to pay the war indemnity stipulated in the treaty of peace signed by him, a judgment of tJapan three days later than the news already published. It has been already stated that, the Prince of Nagato having refused to pay the war indemnity stipulated in the treaty of peace signed by him, a judgment of the criminal tribunal of Yeddo had decided that his two palaces should be razed to the ground and his servants put to death.--We learn that this singular and sanguinary sentence was approved of by the Mikado and by the Talcoum, the spiritual and temporal sovereigns of Japan, and that the number of servants killed in execution of it Japan, and that the number of servants killed in execution of it was four hundred and twenty men and two hundred and fifteen women and children. The Prince, on learning the facts, was deeply concerned, and sent to the capital his First Minister on board the English corvette Barrossa, which was placed at his disposal by Vice-Admiral Kuper. The Minister, on arriving at Yeddo, waited upon the rep
In the month of November last the second Christian church in Japan was consecrated in Yokohama. The first church was established in Nagasaki, and the ground for a third has already been obtained. The Almanach de Gotha being out of favor with the French Emperor, a rival Imperial Almanac is to be issued in Paris.
l be affected by this great work. It leads from the port of Said, on the south coast of the Mediterranean Sea, to the port of Suez, on the Red Sea. Across the latter there is unrestricted passage to the Straits of Babelmandel, through which entrance is obtained to the great Indian Ocean, which washes the shores of Arabia, Persia, Hindoostan and the Burman Empire, and which furnishes passage by the Straits of Malacca to the Pacific Ocean, and along the whole Eastern coast by Siam, China and Japan, clear up to the Russian possessions. The whole of this immense country has hitherto been accessible to Southern Europeans by passing out of the Mediterranean Sea, through the Straits of Gibraltar, and sailing down the entire western coast of Africa to the Cape of Good Hope, and then northwest to the entrance of the Indian Ocean at the Straits of Babelmandel. England, by its westerly position, had the easiest course to India and Continental Europe, by the natural obstacles to the voyag
even hundred people. The extensive sale of the materials in the warehouses and workshops at Alexandria of the United States military railroad has been temporarily suspended, to enable purchasers to remove the articles already sold, when the sale will recommence. At the sale on Friday varnishes sold at $1.75 to $2.50 per gallon; linseed oil at $1.40; several thousand gross of screws at 25 to 35 cents per gross; axes (new) at $14 to $14.50 per dozen. Last week, the Comptroller of the Currency issued a certificate authorizing the commencement of business to the National Valley Bank, at Staunton, Va., and various others in the Northern and Western States. The American Legation at Jeddo, Japan, has transmitted to the Department of Agriculture a lot of vegetable and flower seeds, embracing over two hundred varieties. It is not stated whether these seeds are intended for public distribution, or merely for experimental purposes in the gardens connected with the Department.
Latest news by Mail. Special Dispatch to the Baltimore sun.New York collectorship — the pension bill — Minister to Japan nominated. Washington, December 21. --The New York collectorship is creating a good deal of interest to-day among the politicians. A portion of the New York Congressional delegation, consisting of Senator Morgan, Governor Raymond, and others, have formally asked that Mr. Van Dyke be appointed. He is at present assistant treasurer at New York. A bill is being prepared to increase the pension list to thirty millions of dollars. This amount just doubles the present bill. The President has sent to the Senate the name of ex-Congressman and General Von Volkenburg, of New York, as Minister to Japan. Secretary Seward was closeted with the President this morning for an hour. The exciting event in Congress to-day has been the bold, earnest conservative speech of ex-Governor Raymond, of New York. It takes strong ground in support of the Pr
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