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March 13th, 1865 AD 1,120 1,120 Browse Search
June 22nd, 1867 AD 543 543 Browse Search
Asst 528 2 Browse Search
East Gulf (West Virginia, United States) 412 0 Browse Search
Co Captain 376 0 Browse Search
William H. Harper 324 0 Browse Search
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December, 1863 AD (search for this): chapter 14
and a supply of hospital clothing. One of these cars left Boston and New York daily, in charge of a military hospital steward and a nurse, for the conveyance of soldiers. The necessary funds for the support of this special relief service were drawn from the treasury of the Boston branch, and at one time $10,000 were donated for the same purpose by the New England society. These hospital cars transported from Boston to New York 21,729 soldiers, and furnished them 57,413 meals. In December, 1863, the women of the New England society held a large sanitary fair in Music Hall, Boston, which netted them nearly $146,000. Preparations for the fair had been going on for months. The canvassing, soliciting, advertising and correspondence taxed the members of the society very heavily, for 1,050 cities and towns co-operated in this fair. But all the while the regular work of relief and supply for the soldiers was steadily continued, with no remission of effort. As the people at large
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