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1 غَلَفَ ذ , (S, O, Msb, K,) aor. غَلِفَ , (Msb,) inf. n. غَلْفٌ, (O, Msb, TA,) He put a bottle, or flask, (S, O, K, TA,) or a knife, (Msb,) &c., (TA,) into a غِلَاف [q. v.]; (S, O, Msb, K, TA;) as also ↓ اغلف , (S, Msb,) inf. n. إِِغْلَافٌ; (Msb;) or ↓ غلّف , inf. n. تَغْلِيفٌ: (K, TA:) or ↓ the second signifies, (Msb,) or signifies also, (S,) he furnished it with a غِلَاف; (S, Msb;) or ↓ غلّف signifies thus: (TA:) القَارُورَةَأَغْلَفْتُ is said by Lth to be from الغِلَافُ; and so ↓ غَلَّفْتُهَا , inf. n. تَغْلِيفٌ. (O.) ― -b2- And accord. to Lth, (O,) one says, غَلَفَ لِحْيَتَهُ بِالغَالِيَةِ, (S, Mgh, O, Msb,) aor. غَلِفَ , (Msb,) inf. n. غَلْفٌ, (S,) meaning He daubed, or smeared, his beard with [the perfume called] غَالِيَة [q. v.], (Mgh, TA,) and likewise with other perfume, and with حِنَّآء; (TA;) and ↓ غَلَّفَهَا : (Mgh, TA:) but accord. to IDrd, the vulgar say so: (O, Msb, TA:) he says that the correct phrase is غَلَّاهَا (Mgh, O, Msb, TA) بالغالية, (O,) and غَلَّلَهَا: (Mgh, O, Msb:) in a trad. of 'Aacute;ïsheh, however, لِحْيَةَ رَسُولِ ا@للّٰهِكُنْتُ أُغَلِّفُ occurs as meaning I used to daub, or smear, the beard of the Apostle of God with غالية, doing so abundantly: (TA:) and one says, of a man, ↓ تغلّف (Lth, Th, S, O, TA) بِالغَالِيَةِ (Th, S, TA) وَسَائِرِ الطِّيبِ (Th, TA) [i. e. He daubed, or smeared, himself, or his beard, with غالية and the other sorts of perfume]; and [in like manner,] ↓ اغتلف (Lth, O, TA) مِنَ الغَالِيَةِ (Lth, O) or مِنَ الطِّيبِ: (TA:) but accord. to the saying of IDrd [mentioned above], these are wrong, and should be only تَغَلَّى and تَغَلَّلَ, and اِغْتَلَى and اِغْتَلَّ: (O:) or, accord. to Ibn-El-Faraj, one says بالغاليةتغلّف when it is external; and تغلّل بِهَا when it is internal, at the roots of the hair. (O, TA. [See also 2 in art. غل.]) -A2- غَلِفَ, aor. غَلَفَ , inf. n. غَلَفٌ, He was uncircumcised. (Msb.) 2 غَلَّفَ see 1, first sentence, in three places. You say also, غَلَّفْتُ السَّرْجَ [I put a غِلَاف upon, or to, the horse's saddle] and الرَّحْلَ [the camel's saddle: see also its pass. part. n., below]. (O.) ― -b2- And الحِنَّآءُ يُغَلِّفُ الرَّأْسَ The حنّآء [q. v.] covers the head. (Mgh.) See also 1, second sentence, in two places. 4 أَغْلَفَ see 1, first sentence, in three places. 5 تغلّف ذ , said of a رَحْل [or camel's saddle, (in some copies of the K erroneously رَجُل,) and in like manner of other things], It had a غِلَاف [q. v.], (K, TA,) of leather or the like; (TA;) as also ↓ اغتلف . (K, TA. [See 2, of which the former is quasi-pass.]) ― -b2- See also 1, latter half, in two places. 8 إِِغْتَلَفَ see 5: ― -b2- and see also 1, last quarter. غَلْفٌ ذ A species of trees, (S, O, K, TA,) with which one tans, (TA,) like [accord. to some meaning the same as] the غَرْف [q. v.]: (S, O, K, TA:) some say that one does not tan therewith unless together with the غَرْف. (TA.) غَلَفٌ ذ inf. n. of غَلِفَ [q. v.]: (Msb:) [as a simple subst.,] The state of being uncircumcised. (S, O, K.) ― -b2- [Also, of the heart, (assumed tropical:) The state of being أَغْلَف: so, app., accord. to the TA: in the L written غَلَفَة.] ― -b3- And (assumed tropical:) Ample abundance of herbage, or of the goods, conveniences, or comforts, of life. (TA.) غَلِفٌ ذ A certain plant, which is eaten, peculiarly, by the apes, or monkeys: mentioned by AHn. (TA.) غُلْفَةٌ ذ i. q. قُلْفَةٌ (Mgh, O, Msb, K) and غُرْلَةٌ; (Msb;) i. e. [The prepuce;] the little piece of skin which the circumciser cuts off from the غِلَاف [or sheath] of the head of the penis. (Mgh.) ― -b2- And الغُلْفَتَانِ signifies The two extremities of the two halves of the mustache, next to the صِمَاغَانِ [or two sides of the mouth which are the places where the lips conjoin]. (TA.) غِلَافٌ ذ A thing well known; (K, TA;) i. e. a receptacle used as a repository; and a covering, or an envelope, of a thing: (TA:) it is of a sword [i. e. the scabbard, or sheath; and also a case, or covering, enclosing the scabbard, or enclosing the scabbard with its appertenances]; (S, O;) and of a knife and the like [i. e. the sheath]; (Msb;) and of a flask or bottle [i. e. the case thereof]; (S, O;) and [likewise] of a bow; (S, O, K;) and of a camel's saddle (K, TA) and of a horse's saddle, [i. e. a covering] of leather and the like; (TA;) and is such as the enclosing membrane (قَمِيص) of the heart; [غِلَافُ القَلْبِ signifying the pericardium;] and the pellicle (غِرْقِئ) of the egg; and the calyx of a flower; and the [imaginary] سَاهُور [q. v.] of the moon: (TA:) pl. غُلُفٌ (O, Msb, K) and غُلْفٌ (K) and غُلَّفٌ. (O, * K.) In the phrase in the Kur [ii. 82], وَقَالُوا قُلُوبُنَا غُلُفٌ, as some read it, and, accord. to one reading غُلَّفٌ, the last word means (assumed tropical:) receptacles for knowledge: (O, TA:) but others read غُلْفٌ, which is pl. of ↓ أَغْلَفُ ; (S, * O, * TA;) meaning (assumed tropical:) covered from hearing and accepting the truth; (TA;) or (assumed tropical:) as though they were covered from that to which thou invitest us. (O.) أَغْلَفُ ذ [Enclosed] in a غِلَاف [q. v.]; applied in this sense to a sword, as also [the fem.] غَلْفَآءُ to a bow; (S, O, K;) and likewise to anything. (S, O. [See also مُغَلَّفٌ.]) ― -b2- And A man having upon him a sort of garment from beneath which he has not put forth his fore arms. (Khálid Ibn-Jembeh, L, TA.) ― -b3- And, applied to a man, i. q. أَقْلَفُ; (S, Mgh, O, K;) i. e. (Mgh) Uncircumcised: (Mgh, Msb:) fem. غَلْفَآءُ [see بَظْرٌ]: and pl. غُلْفٌ. (Msb.) ― -b4- Applied also to a heart, meaning (assumed tropical:) As thought it were covered with a غِلَاف, so that it does not learn; (S, O, Msb, K, TA;) or covered from hearing and accepting the truth. (TA.) See also غِلَافٌ. [And see مُغَلَّفٌ.] ― -b5- أَرْضٌ غَلْفَآءُ (assumed tropical:) A land that has not been depastured, so that there is in it every sort of small and large herbage. (Sh, O, K.) And سَنَةٌ غَلْفَآءُ (assumed tropical:) A year in which is abundance of herbage; (S, O, K, TA;) and so عَامٌ أَغْلَفُ. (TA.) And عَيْشٌ أَغْلَفُ (assumed tropical:) Life that is ample in its means or circumstances, unstraitened, or plentiful, and easy, or pleasant. (S, O, K, TA.) مُغَلَّفٌ ذ , applied to a horse's saddle and to a camel's saddle, Having upon it a غِلَاف [or covering] of leather or the like. (TA.) ― -b2- And applied also to a heart as meaning [As though it were] covered. (TA.) [See also أَغْلَفُ.]

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