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شُوَاظٌ ذ and شِوَاظٌ, (S, K, &c., [but in one copy of the S, I find only the former, which is the more common,]) occurring in the Kur [lv. 35], where Ibn-Ketheer read شِوَاظٌ, (TA,) Flame (S, Bd, Jel, K) without smoke: (S, Jel, K:) or smoke of fire: and heat of fire: (ISh, K:) and heat of the sun: (K, TA:) or a piece of fire in which is no smoke: or flame of fire: or only of fire and something mixed therewith. (L.) ― -b2- [And hence,] (tropical:) Vehemence of thirst: (K, TA:) or simply, thirst. (A, TA.) You say, جَمَلٌ بِهِ شواظٌ (tropical:) A thirsting camel. (A, TA.) ― -b3- And (tropical:) Clamour. (K, TA.)

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