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AGEORGIOU DIKE´ (ἀγεωργίου δίκη) is nowhere mentioned in the classical writers, but is thus explained by grammarians: σημαίνει τὸ ἐπειδάν τις χώριον παραλαβὼν ἀγεώργητον καὶ ἀνέργαστον ἐάσῃ, ἔπειτα δεσπότης δικάζηται τῷ παραλαβόντι (Bekk. Anecd. pp. 20, 336). It has been argued from the use of the word παραλαβεῖν that the right of bringing this action was confined to the owner of mortgaged land as against the mortgagee or incumbrancer, and did not extend to ordinary tenancy (μισθώσασθαι); but it was probably general (Caillemer, s. v. in Daremberg and Saglio, against Büchsenschütz, Besitz und Erwerb, p. 93).


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