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ARGY´RIOU DIKE´ (ἀργυρίου δίκη), a civil suit belonging to the jurisdiction of the thesmothetae, to compel the defendant to pay monies in his possession, or for which he was liable, to the plaintiff. The allegation was of the most general character ὁπότε τις ἀπαιτοίη ἀργύριον ὡς προσῆκον αὑτῷ), thus differing from the more precise actions χρέους, παρακαταθήκης, and ἀφορμῆς. This action is casually alluded to in two speeches of Demosthenes (Boeot. de Nom. p. 1002.25; Olympiod. p. 1179.45), and is treated at large in the speech against Callippus (Orat. lii.). (Bekk. Anecd. 1.201, 443; Caillemer, 9me Etude, p. 31, and ap. Daremberg and Saglio.)


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