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ASPLE´DON (Ἀσπληδών: Eth. Ἀσπληδόνιος), also called SPLEDON, an ancient city of Boeotia, mentioned by Homer (Il. 2.510), distant 20 stadia from Orchomenus. The river Melas flowed between the two cities. (Strab. ix. p.416; Plin. Nat. 4.7. s. 12; Steph. B. sub voce Etym. M. s. v.) Strabo says (l.c.) that it was subsequently called EUDEIELUS (Εὐδείελος), from its sunny situation; but Pausanias (9.38.9) relates that it was abandoned in his time from a want of water. The town is said to have derived its name from Aspledon, a son of Poseidon and the nymph Mideia. The site of Aspledon is uncertain. Leake (Northern Greece, vol. ii. p. 162) places it at Tzamáli, but Forchhammer (Hellenica, p. 177), with more probability, at Avro-Kastro.

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