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1 أَفَلَ ذ , (T, S, Msb, K,) said of a thing, (Msb,) or of the moon, (T,) and أَفَلَتْ, said of the sun, (T, S, M,) and of the stars, (M,) aor. اَفِلَ and اَفُلَ , inf. n. أُفُولٌ (T, S, M, Msb, K) and أفْلٌ, (M, Msb,) It was, or became, absent, or hidden, or concealed; (T, S, Msb, K;) it set; (T, S, M, &c.;) and so أَفِلَ, aor. اَفَلَ . (K.) ― -b2- Hence, أَفَلَ فُلَانٌ عَنِ البَلَدِ Such a one became absent, or went away, from the country, or town. (Msb.) أَفِيلٌ ذ A young camel such as is termed اِبْنُ مَخَاضٍ [i. e. that has entered its second year]; (As, ElFárábee, S, M, Msb, K;) and the like; (S;) or, and also such as is above this [in age]; (ElFárábee, M, Msb, K;) or, and also such as is termed اِبْنُ لَبُونٍ [i. e. that has entered the third year]; beyond which it is not so called: (As, TA:) or that is seven months old, or eight: (As, Msb:) or a youthful camel: (AZ, Msb:) and also (M, K) a young weaned camel; syn. فَصِيلٌّ: (T, M, Msb, K:) fem. with ة: (As, S:) pl. إِِفَالٌ (T, S, M, K) and أَفَائِلُ, (Sb, S, M, K,) which latter they liken to ذَنَائِبُ as pl. of ذنُوبٌ. (M.) [In my copy of the Msb, the pl. is said to be إِفالة: and it is also there said, on the authority of IF, that افالة signifies the young ones of sheep.] It is said in a prov., إِِنَّمَا القَرْمِ مِنَ الأَفِيلِ [The stallion-camel is only that which has increased in growth from the young one in its second year, &c.]; i. e. what is great has begun small. (TA.) آفِلٌ آفل part. n. of 1, (T, TA,) applied to the moon, and to any star: (TA:) fem. with ة: (T, TA:) pl. آفِلُونَ (Kur vi. 76 [the rational form of the pl. being there used because it is applied to stars as being likened to gods]) and أُفَّلٌ and أُفُولٌ. (TA.)

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