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BOO´NAE (βοῶναι), persons in Athens who purchased oxen for the public sacrifices and feast. They are spoken of by Demosthenes (c. Meid. p. 570.171) in conjunction with the ἱεροποιοὶ and those who presided over the mysteries, and are ranked by Libanius (Declam. 8) with the σιτῶναι, generals, and ambassadors (cf. Harpocrat. s. v.). They were elected by the Ecclesia (Boeckh, P. E., p. 216). We often find mention of them on inscriptions as paying into the treasury the money received for the hides of sacrificed animals (δερματικόν. See Rangabé, Antiq. Hellen. No. 842; C. Inscr. Gr. 157).

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