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CHYTRUS, CHYTRI (Χύτρος, Ptol. 5.14.6; Χύτροι, Steph. B. sub voce Suid.; Χύθροι, Hierocl.; Χυθέρεια, Const. Porph. De Them. 1.39; Chytri, Plin.; Citari, Peut. Tab.: Eth. Χύτριος: Chytria), a town of Cyprus which lay on the road between Ceryneia and Salamis, at a distance of 23 M. P. from the former, and 24 M. P. from the latter. (Peut. Tab.) It was once governed by sovereign princes, and was probably an Athenian colony. (Mariti, Viaggi, vol. i. p. 138; Engel, Kypros, vol. i. p. 148.)


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