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ELIMEIA (Ἐλίμεια, Strab. vii. p.326; Steph. B. sub voce or ELIMIO´TIS (Ἐλιμιῶτις, Arrian, Arr. Anab. 1.7.5), a district to the SW. of Macedonia, bordering upon Eordaea and Pieria, while it extended to the W. as far as the range of Pindus. It was watered by the Haliacmon, and may be defined as comprehending the modern districts of Grevená, Venja, and Tjersembá. It was occupied in early times by the Elimaei or Elimiots (Ἐλιμιῶται, Ptol. 3.13.21; Strab. ix. p.434; Steph. B. sub voce but afterwards fell into the hands of the Macedonian princes. (Thuc. 2.99.) Though a mountainous and barren tract, Elimeia must have been an important acquisition to the kings of Macedonia, from its situation with regard to Thessaly and Epirus, as there were several passages leading directly into those provinces from this division of the kingdom. In the war which the Lacedaemonians waged against Olynthus, Derdas was prince of this country. (Xen. Hell. 5.2. 38) It was finally included by the Romans in the fourth division of Macedonia. (Liv. 45.30.) There was a town called Elimeia (Ἐλίμεια, Steph. B. sub voce Ἔλυμα, Ptol. 3.13.21), where Perseus, in the second year of the war, B.C. 170, reviewed his forces. (Liv. 43.21.) The site of this town is probably near Grevenó, on the river Grevenitikó. (Leake, Northern Greece, vol. iii. pp. 305, 324, 339.)


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