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HERACLEIUM (Ἡράκλειον Ptol. 3.17.6). a place in Crete, which Strabo (x. pp. 476, 484) calls the port of Cnossus, was situated, according to the anonymous coast-describer (Stadiasm.), at a distance of 20 stadia from that city. The name HERACLEIA (Ἡράκλεια, comp. Plin. Nat. 4.20) is simply mentioned by Stephanus of Byzantium as the 17th of the 23 Heracleias he enumerates. Although the ecclesiastical notices make no mention of this place as a bishop's see, yet there is found among the subscriptions to the proceedings of the General Seventh Council held at Nicaea, along with other Cretan prelates, Theodoros, bishop of Heracleopolis. (Cornel. Creta Sacr. vol. i. p. 254.) Mr. Pashley (Tray. vol. i. p. 263) has fixed the site at a little rocky hill to the W. of Kakóu-óros. There are remains of buildings, probably of no earlier date than the Venetian conquest, but the position agrees with the indications of the ancients.


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