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MINO´A (Μινώα, Ptol. 3.17.7; Μίνω, Stadiasm.; Minoum, Plin. Nat. 4.12.)


A place in Crete, which Ptolemy (l.c.) fixes to the W. of the headland of Drepanon. Mr. Pashley (Trav. vol. i. p. 44) thinks that it was situated at Stérnes, on the Akrotéri of the bay of Súdha.


A city of Crete, which belonged to the district of Lyctus, and stood on the narrowest part of the island, at a distance of 60 stadia from Hierapytna. (Strab. x. p.475; Ptol. 3.17.5.)

Its position has been fixed at Castel Mirabello, near Istrónes. (Höck, Kreta, vol. i. p. 421.) [E.B.J]

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