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OLI´ARUS (Ὠλίαρος, Olearus, Plin., Virg.: Eth. Ὠλιάριος: Antíparo), an island in the Aegaean sea, one of the Cyclades, said by Heracleides to have been colonised by the Sidonians and to be 58 stadia from Paros. (Heracleid. ap. Steph. B. sub voce Strab. x. p.485 ; Plin. Nat. 4.12. s. 22; Verg. A. 3.126.) It possesses a celebrated stalactitic cavern, which has been described by several modern travellers. (Tournefort, Voyage, &c. vol. i. p. 146, seq., Eng. transl.; Leake, Northern Greece, vol. iii. p. 87, seq.; Fiedler, Reise dutch Griechenland, vol. ii. p. 191, seq.)

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