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PAMBOEO´TIA (παμβοιώτια), a festive panegyris of all the Boeotians, which the grammarians compare with the Panathenaea of the Atticans, and the Panionia of the Ionians. The principal object of the meeting was the common worship of Athena Itonia, who had a temple in the neighbourhood of Coronea, near which the panegyris was held (Strabo ix. p.411; Paus. 9.34.1). From Polybius (4.3, 9.34) it appears that during this national festival no war was allowed to be carried on, and that in case of a war a truce was always concluded. This panegyris is also mentioned by Plutarch (Amat. Narrat. p. 774 f.). It is a disputed point whether the Pamboeotia had anything to do with the political constitution of Boeotia, and with the relation of its several towns to Thebes. The question is discussed in Sainte-Croix, Des Gouvernements fédérat. p. 211, &c.; Raoul-Rochette, Sur la Forme et l'Administr, de l‘État fédératif des Béotiens, in the Mém. de l'Acad. des Inscript. vol. viii. (1827), p. 214. It seems probable that its object was religious, not political, though, as at other panegyreis, there were no doubt political harangues [PANEGYRIS]. The state and constitution of Boeotia is discussed under BOEOTARCHES (See also Gilbert, Staatsalterthümer, 2.53.)

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