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Eth. PARAVAEI (Eth. Παραύαιοι, Thuc. 2.80; Rhianus, ap. Steph. B. sub voce s. v.), an Epirot tribe, whose territories, conterminous with those of the Orestae, were situated on the banks of the Aous ( Viosa), from which they took their name. In the third year of the Peloponnesian War, a body of them, under their chief Oroedus, joined Cnemus (Thuc. l.c.), the Lacedaemonian commander. Arrian (Arr. Anab. 1.7), describing the route of Alexander from Elimiotis (Grevená and Tjersembá) to Pelinnaeum in Thessaly, which stood a little to the E. of Tríkkala, remarks that Alexander passed by the highlands of Paravaea,--Lázari and Smólika, with the adjacent mountains.

The seat of this tribe must be confined to the valleys of the main or E. branch of the Aous, and the mountains in which that river originates, extending from the Aoi Stena or Klisúra, as far S. as the borders of Tymphaea and the Molossi, and including the central and fertile district of Kónitza, with the N. part of Zagóri. (Leake, Northern Greece, vol. iv. pp. 115--120, 195.)


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