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21. For the next three years there was neither settled peace nor open war. The consuls were Q. Claelius and T. Lartius. After them A. Sempronius and M. Minucius. [2] In their consulship, a temple was dedicated to Saturn, and the Saturnalia appointed to be kept as a festival. Then A. Postumius and T. Virginius were chosen consuls. [3] In some authors I find that the battle at the lake Regillus was not fought till this year, and that A. Postumius, because the fidelity of his colleague was suspected, laid down his office, and thereupon was created dictator. [4] Such great mistakes of dates perplex one with the history of these tines, the magistrates being arranged differently in different writers, that you cannot determine what consuls succeeded certain consuls,1 nor in what particular year every remarkable action [p. 104]happened, by reason of the antiquity, not only of the facts, but also [5] of the historians. Then Ap. Claudius and P. Servilius were elected consuls. This year was remarkable for the news of Tarquin's death. He died at Cumae, whither he had fled to the tyrant Aristodemus, after the reduction of the power [6] of the Latins. The senate and people were elated by this news. But with the senators their satisfaction was too extravagant, for by the chief men among them oppression began to be practised on the people to whom they [7] had to that day been attentive to the utmost of their power. The same year the colony which king Tarquin had sent to Signia was recruited by filling up the number of the colonists. The tribes at Rome were increased to twenty-one. And the temple of Mercury was dedicated the fifteenth of May.

1 Qui consules secundum quosdam, who were the consuls that came after certain consuls.

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