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GERGA Turkey.

Carian village near Ovacik, 12 km S-SE of Çine. It is unknown to history, identifiable by the fact that the name is written on the rocks and buildings more than 20 times. The village center is on the E hill, which carries a remarkable group of monuments. Most conspicuous is a small but well-preserved temple, with a roof constructed in imitation of woodwork; the pediment over the door is inscribed with the name Gergas. Close by are two tapering stelai over 3 m high, again inscribed Gergas, between which stood a colossal statue now overthrown. A little to the W is another statue, 4 m high, lying on its face. Not far away is a group of ruined houses and a street lined with walls.

Lower down is a curious sloping rock with flat top, inscribed Gerga Enbolo, which was perhaps a speaker's platform. On the W hill is a third fallen statue, also over life-size, inscribed on the breast with the name Gerga. A number of small square buildings about 2 m high, roofed and open in front, have been thought to be tombs, but are perhaps more probably fountain houses. It is supposed that Gergas is the name of a local deity.


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