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a grove or shrine on the right bank of the Tiber, dedicated to the Corniscae, the sacred crows in the service of Juno. Fest. 64: Corniscarum divarum locus (lucus, Dac.) erat trans Tiberim cornicibus dicatus quod in Iunonis tutela esse putabantur; CIL i 2. 975=vi. 96 (=30691): devas Corniscas sacrum on a terminal cippus found in Trastevere. (Cf. i 2. 976 =vi. 30858: Coronicei T. Terentius donom mereto dedet-Mitt. 1895, 63.) Nothing more is known of this cult centre (HJ 626; RE iv. 1633; WR 189; Rosch. i. 930). In Catull. 25. 5, it has been proposed to read cum Diva Mulier alites (Ellis, aries, noting that the passage is corrupt) ostendit oscitantes, and to refer it to this cult (Mnemos. 1909, 322). 1

1 CGL v. 14. 23 has uaeios, without any attempt at emendation.

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