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* gardens on the Esquiline, of which Frontinus says (de aq. ii. 68) that they were situated at the point where the Tepula received a supply of water from the Anio novus. This branch conduit probably left the Anio novus at its terminal distributing station, 100 metres south-east of Le Galluzze, and ran directly east to the Tepula, a distance of about 100 metres. The gardens, therefore, probably extended beyond the line of the Tepula (cf. however, LA 248; HJ 358; RE v. 2710; BC 1874, 53-4). They may have belonged to the freedman Epaphroditus, who was procurator a libellis under Nero and Domitian (NS 1913, 466; Mel. 1914, 383-387; DE iii. 0002). See HORTI TORQUATIANI.

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