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gardens on the Esquiline mentioned three times by Frontinus (de aq. 19, 20, 69), existing in the fourth century (Not. Reg. V; cf. FUR 57 ?), and supposed to have been laid out by Pallas, the rich freedman of Claudius. According to Frontinus the point where the rivus Herculaneus branched off from the aqua Marcia, about 175 metres south of the porta Tiburtina, and the end of the Claudia and Anio novus, about 250 metres north of the porta Praenestina, were behind these gardens. They must, therefore, have occupied a site very near the middle of the triangle formed by the via Tiburtina vetus, the via Praenestina-Labicana, and the line of the aqua Marcia, i.e. somewhat south of the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele (cf. BC 1874, 53-54; LA 248; HJ 358).

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