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gannĭo , īre, v. n., yelp, bark.
I. Lit.: “gannire cum sit proprie canum, Varro asinos rudere, canes gannire, pullos pipare dixit,Non. 450, 11: nictit canis in odorandis ferarum vestigiis leviter ganniens, Paul. ex Fest. s. v. nictit, p. 177 Müll.; cf. also ‡ gannitio.—Of foxes, Auct. Carm. Phil. 59; Hier. Vit. Hilar. med.
II. Transf., of persons.
A. To snarl, growl, grumble (poet.): gannit odiosus omni totae familiae, Plaut. Fragm. ap. Varr. L. L. 7, § 103 Müll.: “quid ille gannit? quid vult?Ter. Ad. 4, 2, 17; Cat. 83, 4; Afran. ap. Non. 450, 11; Juv. 6, 64.—
B. In gen., to talk loud, to gabble, chatter: “sic nobis gannientibus,App. M. 3, p. 138.
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