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and jokes and levity in words and deeds. [8] Profligacy is accompanied by disorder, shamelessness, irregularity, luxury, slackness, carelessness, negligence, remissness. [9]

To uncontrol it belongs to choose the enjoyment of pleasures when reason would restrain, and although one believes that it would be better not to participate in them, to participate in them all the same, and while thinking one ought to do fine and expedient things yet to abstain from them for the sake of one's pleasures. [10] The concomitants of uncontrol are softness and negligence and in general the same as those of profligacy.7.

Of unrighteousness there are three kinds, impiety, greed, outrage. [2] Transgression in regard to gods and spirits, or even in regard to the departed and to parents and country, is impiety. [3] Transgression in regard to contracts, taking what is in dispute contrary to one's desert, is greed. [4] Outrage is the unrighteousness that makes men procure pleasures for themselves while leading others into disgrace; in consequence of which Evenus says about outrage:“She that wrongs others e'en when she gaineth nought.

” [5] And it belongs to unrighteousness to transgress ancestral customs and regulations, to disobey the laws and the rulers, to

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