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The man lying sick in the garden of Delearces had for a long time heaviness in the head and pain in the right temple. From some exciting cause he was seized with fever, and took to his bed.

Second day. Slight flow of unmixed blood from the left nostril. The bowels were well moved ; urine thin and varied, with particles in small groups, like barley-meal or semen, floating in it.

Third day. Acute fever ; stools black, thin, frothy, with a livid sediment in them ; slight stupor ; getting up caused distress ; in the urine a livid, rather viscous sediment.

Fourth day. Vomited scanty, bilious, yellow vomits, and after a short interval, verdigris-coloured ones ; slight flow of unmixed blood from the left nostril ; stools unaltered and urine unaltered ; sweat about the head and collar-bones ; spleen enlarged ; pain in the direction of the thigh ; tension, soft under-neath, of the right hypochondrium ;1 no sleep at night ; slight delirium.

Fifth day. Stools more copious, black, frothy ; a black sediment in the stools ; no sleep at night ; delirium.

Sixth day. Stools black, oily, viscid, foul-smelling ; slept ; was more rational.

Seventh day. Tongue dry ; thirsty ; no sleep ; delirium ; urine thin, not of a good colour.

Eighth day. Stools black, scanty, compact ; sleep ; was collected ; not very thirsty.

Ninth day. Rigor, acute fever ; sweat ; chill ; delirium ; squinting of the right eye ; tongue dry ; thirsty ; sleepless.

[p. 225] Tenth day. Symptoms about the same.

Eleventh day. Quite rational ; no fever ; slept, urine thin about the time of the crisis.

The patient remained free from fever for two days, relapsed on the fourteenth day, and immediately had no sleep at night and was completely delirious.

Fifteenth day. Urine muddy, like that which has been stirred up after settling ; acute fever ; completely delirious ; no sleep ; pain in knees and legs. On the application of a suppository, black, solid motions were passed.

Sixteenth day. Urine thin, with a cloudy substance floating in it ; delirium.

Seventeenth day. Extremities cold in the early morning ; would wrap himself up ; acute fever ; sweated all over ; was relieved ; more rational ; some fever ; thirst ; vomited bilious matters, yellow and scanty ; solid motions from the bowels ; after a while they became black, scanty and thin ; urine thin, and not of a good colour.

Eighteenth day. Was not rational ; comatose.

Nineteenth day. The same symptoms.

Twentieth day. Slept ; completely rational ; sweated ; no fever ; no thirst ; urine thin.

Twenty-first day. Slightly delirious ; rather thirsty ; pain in the hypochondrium and throbbing about the navel continuously.

Twenty-fourth day. Sediment in urine ; completely rational.

Twenty-seventh day. Pain in the right hip, but in other respects very comfortable ; sediment in the urine.

About the twenty-ninth day pain in the right eye ; urine thin.

[p. 227] Fortieth day. Passed motions full of phlegm, white and rather frequent ; copious sweat all over ; a perfect crisis.

1 See note, p. 188.

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