Summary of book IV

A LAW about the marriage of patricians and plebeians was carried by the tribunes, after a violent struggle, against the opposition of the patricians. The tribunes . . .1 of the plebs. For some years the affairs of the Roman People at home and in the field were administered through this kind of magistracy. Likewise censors were then elected for the first time. The land taken from the Ardeates by the decision of the people was restored and colonists were sent out to it. When the Roman People was in sore straits on account of a famine, Spurius Maelius, a Roman knight, distributed corn to the people at his own expense. Having by this act gained the favour of the plebs, he aimed at royal power and was killed by Gaius Servilius Ahala, the master of the horse, at the command of the dictator Quintus2 Cincinnatus; Lucius Minucius gave evidence against him and was presented with a gilded ox. When the envoys of the Romans had been slain by the Fidenates, because they had fallen in the service of the state, statues were erected to them on the rostra. Cornelius Cossus, the military tribune, killed Tolumnius, king of the Veientes, and returned with the second spoils of honour. Mamercus Aemilius, the dictator, limited the office of censor, which was wont to be held for five years, to the period of eighteen months; for this he was stigmatized by the senators. Fidenae was subjugated and colonists were sent thither; the Fidenates, having slain these men and revolted, were defeated by Mamercus Aemilius the dictator, and Fidenae was captured. A conspiracy of the slaves was suppressed. Postumius, the military tribune, was for his cruelty put to death by his army. Pay from the public treasury was then for the first time given the soldiers. It contains also campaigns waged against the Volsci and the Fidenates and the Faliscans.

[p. 461]

1 The institution of military tribunes was evidently recorded in the words that have been lost.

2 A mistake for Quinctius.

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