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How Doctor Faustus deceiued an Horse-courser. Chap. 34.

IN like manner hee serued an Horse-courser at a faire called Pheiffring, for Doctor Faustus through his cunning had gotten an excellent fayre Horse, wherevpon hee rid to the Fayre, where hee had many Chap-men that offered him money: lastly, he sold him for 40. Dollers, willing him that bought him, that in any wise he should not ride him ouer any water, but the Horsecourser marueiled with himself that Faustus bad him ride him ouer no water, (but quoth he) I will prooue, and forthwith hee rid him into the riuer, presently the horse vanished from vnder him, and he sate on a bundell of strawe, in so much that the man was almost drowned. The horse-courser knewe well where hee lay that had solde him his horse, wherefore he went angerly to his Inne, where hee found Doctor Faustus fast a sleepe, and snorting on a bed, but the horsecourser could no longer forbeare him, tooke him by the leg and began to pull him off the bed, but he pulled him so, that he pulled his leg from his body, in so much that the Horse-courser fel down backwardes in the place, then began Doctor Faustus to crie with an open throate, he hath mur dered me. Hereat the Horse-courser was afraide, and gaue the flight, thinking none other with himselfe, but that hee had pulled his leg from his bodie; by this meanes Doctor Faustus kept his money.

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